Keeping Out of Keeping Up

This is ingrained into us at such an early age. There is a speed that must be maintained, or you will fall behind!! So subtle at times, very apparent at others. Grading children at school, tests and exams, doing everything in quite a certain way. Pressure.

That was a nice summary wasn’t it! And yet to step out of this is to suddenly see it in this way. When you allow yourself the time to breath deeply, to stop and smell the proverbial roses, to move at your own rhythm in your own direction, only then do we allow ourselves to expand into something new. Continue reading Keeping Out of Keeping Up


How to Reach the Most Expanded You!

We are so keen to get things up happening and done already. Resulting in the inevitable putting on of pressure. Kick up the ass, head down, nose to the grind stone – That’s how things get done! But what exactly are we doing, creating, achieving, when we work in this way?

Whenever we put pressure on we compress, restrict, make heavy. It is so hard not to do this, in this world of sooner is better, get the returns on the effort you are putting in as soon as, making it all happen the first is the greatest sign of success – But what if there were another way?   Continue reading How to Reach the Most Expanded You!

Its Alright to see yourself as Special – In-fact, it can be very Beneficial!

I had a dream last night that Zoe Balls baby told me I was special. Special or what?!?

I have received psychic messages telling me that I am from Andromeda and that I have come to Earth to help affect the change that is needed here

I have been told on many occasions that I am Angel Prudence. I see this as simply meaning I incarnated here from somewhere that would be considered heavenly

Allll-rightly-then! Continue reading Its Alright to see yourself as Special – In-fact, it can be very Beneficial!