Your Voice is so Important and Precious – at whatever stage you may find yourself

You have something so valuable and unique within – your own personal perspective of what is happening right now is like gold dust – When you voice this, at whatever stage you may find yourself – you are doing your part in raising the frequency here – by shining your light in this way

Voicing something in the ‘wrong’ way will receive a negative response – Great, we learn more about how to voice something in the ‘right’ way – We learn to gain strength to overcome judgment, we learn a more loving approach to take – Whatever reaction we do receive, our words have been spoken none the less, the seed has been sown, a new way of being has been shared

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Being a Channel of Creation

I learnt a long time ago to give it all away, all of the best things that I have to offer – I have applied this understanding to this blog here – Right from the word go, I have picked out the best parts for you – Even although I have very few people reading this blog at this stage – you are so important and valuable and I am so grateful to have you with me – I want to share what I have with you, all of the writing that I feel is the best – Because I have been working at this for many years, there’s a lot to choose from! – But if I thought ‘Ooh, I’ll save that, keep it until I have more readers’ what I am inadvertently doing is blocking more from coming to be, through me – Because most of what you read here is channeled through me – All creation is channeled though us – By sharing this, passing it on, posting on my blog – I am making room for more to come – That is what makes a great channel of creation – one that is open and flows – not one that has little ‘pockets’ of the best bits, sitting there, stagnating – No, it’s the one that passes this on, while it is still fresh and alive – Keeping the channel clear and moving – allowing more to come, an increased charge of power

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