Your Voice is so Important and Precious – at whatever stage you may find yourself

You have something so valuable and unique within – your own personal perspective of what is happening right now is like gold dust – When you voice this, at whatever stage you may find yourself – you are doing your part in raising the frequency here – by shining your light in this way

Voicing something in the ‘wrong’ way will receive a negative response – Great, we learn more about how to voice something in the ‘right’ way – We learn to gain strength to overcome judgment, we learn a more loving approach to take – Whatever reaction we do receive, our words have been spoken none the less, the seed has been sown, a new way of being has been shared

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Our Present Time of Great Confusion – and how to move ourselves through it

Feel like your head is being blown about all over the place? – Then you are not alone – for we are in very special changing times

If this is the time of great confusion – perhaps one of the most confusing parts is knowing all about our shift in consciousness, whilst living in a world that is presently largely unaware of this – Business as usual for the most part may leave you feeling incredibly confused indeed – Everything is still ticking along nicely for many people, are any changes actually taking place?

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We All have Direct Contact with The Spirit World

Yesterday I finally shared this blog out to more people – ‘Unfortunately’ I started to feel concern that the first post they would have read was a bit heavy going – so I quickly changed it for another one – As I was thinking ‘I wonder who read the first post’ – a chair moved – It was my spirit guide telling me – ‘Remember what I told you earlier’ –

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The Gems of Knowledge that Transform our Lives

It is so easy to underestimate the power of what we are learning right now – but if everything about life is experience – what we are learning presently are the ways in which we can move and create our reality into an experience we may have only dreamt of before

Take watching thoughts in the mind, observing them for signs of fear – turning our attention away from those with even the slightest whiff of it – Imagine what that does to our lives – We are literally sweeping the rain clouds away and making room for an influx of light to pour in

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Being a Channel of Creation

I learnt a long time ago to give it all away, all of the best things that I have to offer – I have applied this understanding to this blog here – Right from the word go, I have picked out the best parts for you – Even although I have very few people reading this blog at this stage – you are so important and valuable and I am so grateful to have you with me – I want to share what I have with you, all of the writing that I feel is the best – Because I have been working at this for many years, there’s a lot to choose from! – But if I thought ‘Ooh, I’ll save that, keep it until I have more readers’ what I am inadvertently doing is blocking more from coming to be, through me – Because most of what you read here is channeled through me – All creation is channeled though us – By sharing this, passing it on, posting on my blog – I am making room for more to come – That is what makes a great channel of creation – one that is open and flows – not one that has little ‘pockets’ of the best bits, sitting there, stagnating – No, it’s the one that passes this on, while it is still fresh and alive – Keeping the channel clear and moving – allowing more to come, an increased charge of power

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The Power of Consideration

One of the things I have very much not liked about myself is how much I care about what other people think – This is understood as a weakness, as if we are easily swayed, or upset, or even completely floored at times – But, only today did I really understand what a strength this is – To be considerate is to allow ourselves to grow and evolve without any of the blocks a lack of consideration brings – We can only reach a certain level when we are inconsiderate before we get a ‘knock at the door’ – To be considerate towards how other people feel about our own actions means we are able to move that much more freely because we are looking before we step on anybody’s toes

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Our Power is in Believing in The New Way – However difficult that may be at times

I once said to a friend of mine, ‘Don’t focus on the potential, it will only do your head in! – The potential is not here yet, so you will feel frustrated and disappointed with what you have now’ – and yet that is exactly what many of us who wish to bring forth this change have had to experience – It goes against the spiritual teaching acceptance of what is, here and now – Okay, I am actually doing that, I accept the way it has been, the way it is now, but I also want it to change – Is it possible to live like that? Continue reading Our Power is in Believing in The New Way – However difficult that may be at times