Our Bright Future – and how to create that


Theta Healing – How it can help you

Theta Healing is an amazingly powerful manifesting technique. I am repeatedly astounded at the results it gives. If there is something you wish to manifest, remove, heal, or receive Theta Healing is a very direct and successful way of creating it so –
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How to Take on an Increased Charge of Energy

See yourself as a channel

This is probably the most important understanding to take on if we wish to see an increase in our power – When we say ‘I am doing everything in my life’ we massively reduce what we are capable of achieving – We also fall prey to pride and shame for our actions, which takes up valuable energy as it has us swinging about all over the place – Seeing ourselves as a channel allows for balance, equality, openness and a great progression forwards into something new for ourselves Continue reading How to Take on an Increased Charge of Energy

Becoming Conscious – The Reality

We have been existing largely on auto-pilot here – Much of our reality is laid out before us, many of our motivations arising from the subconscious – The general pattern of expectations, the markers in place for the majority of us to move in a similar direction, towards similar goals in life – But this has now changed, the goal posts have just moved, or rather disappeared all together! As have many of the markers we have allowed to guide us – This means we can no longer go through life on auto-pilot, we need to learn to captain our own ship, we need to become conscious Continue reading Becoming Conscious – The Reality

Honesty Cuts Through Everything – like a psychic surgery scalpel!

A friend told me of an ayahuasca experience, the resounding message that came through over and over again – You can’t fuck with honesty, its the truth – It can’t be distorted or misunderstood or changed – Its solid and about as real as it gets – So why do we often shy away from it? Continue reading Honesty Cuts Through Everything – like a psychic surgery scalpel!