5 Steps to Freedom that Actually Work

  1. Thinking about the whole of earth

When we spend more time thinking about earth and all of the life forms upon her we find our reality naturally opens up to new areas – When we think of only our own needs we keep our reality small and tight – It’s as if we are expanding our consciousness from the individual level to the planetary level

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The Bad News

I just watched the news – Jeeeeeeeeze……. people being shot on the beach, volcano’s erupting, protests, debt crisis – It looks like the world has gone a bit bloody mental – and that is exactly why I do not watch the news anymore, because I don’t find it beneficial AT ALL to have each and every worldly horror presented to me as if it is a perfect representation of the planet I am living on – Because it isn’t, not at all – It is a magnification of all of the worst bits

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Allowing ourselves to do what we want, when we want

Why is it the above notion automatically raises negativity? – because it goes against our current programming – We have been programmed into spending a very large portion of our lives into doing things we do not wish to do – This is considered the correct thing to do – Doing what we want when we want is rife with negative connotations – How lazy, selfish, unrealistic, stupid – What we are failing to see are the many blessings this way of being bestows, all of us

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