End of The World? Planetary Revolution? – Is this all actually happening?

I used to feel a bit like the ‘The end of the world is nigh’ man – I thought, dear lord, this has been going on for ages, are we all just as deluded as the nutter who walked around with that painted on his sandwich board? – Is it a type of mental illness that sees the world in this way? – Sometimes I wish I could just get on with my life with the feeling that all is well in the world – but this I found to be impossible Continue reading End of The World? Planetary Revolution? – Is this all actually happening?


Peace on Earth, an End to War – Can it really be True?

Yes – and it starts with YOU – What me? Little insignificant me? – If we really wish to see peace on Earth the first thing we must do is address the above falsehood – You are a force of power upon this planet, as am I, as is the rest of Humanity – The fact that we have forgotten this has allowed for a controlling few to manipulate us through the means of generating fear and suppression through war – Struggle to believe that this is the case? Well, to be honest I did too, like I was passing the buck of blame somehow – The truth is that Humanity has gone along with, been influenced by and in some cases even enjoyed war – We are by no means helpless victims, we are co-creators – Which is great news! It means we can cease to co-create this hell on Earth and we can begin to create our heaven on Earth – How do we do this I hear you cry….. Continue reading Peace on Earth, an End to War – Can it really be True?

Catastrophic Downfall -or Not?

Don’t you just love it when you start to believe something, then within days you see someone else saying the exact same thing – There is something that will just not enter into my ‘realm of reality’ and that is the catastrophic downfall many are predicting – I have not always felt like this, there was a time when that was all I thought about and how to avoid it and save myself – They were not good times, not at all – Fuelled by fear, rife with paranoia, draining everything away from myself – I stopped it blunt one day, I’d had enough, I did not want to go down that road a moment longer  Continue reading Catastrophic Downfall -or Not?

Peace and Happiness – How to welcome them in

There is a reason why these two words go so well together, because peace creates happiness – So why are so many of us still unable to find peace through denying ourselves this most precious action? – Because of our 3D programming and the negative connotations we attach to peace – Keep going, don’t stop, keep working – stopping is bad, keeping going is good – This is so ingrained into most of us that we do not even realize we are doing it – We know that stress is bad for us and yet so many of us find it very difficult to allow ourselves anything else

Far from being lazy, it takes effort to move into peace – To understand and overcome the guilt and fear drives that keep us going at The 3D pace Continue reading Peace and Happiness – How to welcome them in

First Contact with Andromeda

I have started to communicate with a being called Elaya, from Andromeda – Literally, as of half an hour ago – She has been moving things in my bedroom for two days now – I told her to go away initially, I’ve had too many psychic experiences of lost souls trying to get something out of me – Plus I am with my two year old daughter here, who keeps on saying “What was that Mummy?” “Nothing dear, nothing!!”

Prior to this happening, I was thinking to myself how I’m just not that scared anymore, of almost anything – finances, the future, what other people think of me, things moving on their own in my bedroom, spirits appearing before me – Ah, ha! As I wrote that something moved on it’s own – and I was scared, a bit!
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Barriers to be broken through in becoming our full 5D selves

The 3D version of the self – 

The life you see before you – Does it speak to you of the most magnificent version that you see to be possible? – If so, then bloody well done!!! – If not, then working to overcome limitations will lead to this – It is amazing how many limitations get put ‘into’ us during our lifetime here – Something said here, something felt there, we form what we think is avaliable to us in this way – Getting over this takes time and effort, working to overcome and heal and eventually expand – Bit by bit welcoming in firstly the beliefs, then of course the physical experience of the biggest bestest most abundnalty wonderous version of the self that is avaliable to all of us at this time of great transformation

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