The Power of Trance – and how to make it work for you, not against you

I remember very clearly, weirdly enough, considering I was massively tranced out, having HUGE downloads of information literally pouring into my head. There I was, clutching to the fridge in my mother in laws kitchen, trying to keep my shit together, feeling like my mind had just rocket blasted out into space. And so it is at times, with our current experience of awakening . Continue reading The Power of Trance – and how to make it work for you, not against you


What on Earth is Happening on Earth – A Positive Perspective

How to Work Full Time as Healer of our Planet

We are all here to work, to contribute in order to live here, for there to be a fair exchange of our time and efforts in return for the necessities of life – What we are opening up to now is a different way of working – Rather than working and earning, it could be understood as giving and receiving – How does that work? Continue reading How to Work Full Time as Healer of our Planet

Marihuana = Gaining Beautifully Beneficial Insights

I realized recently, that throughout my entire awakening process, I’ve been a marihuana smoker – Not loads, barely a part time stoner I would say – but it has been pretty consistent – The first stages of my awakening I was practically joined at the hip with a new friend, who smoked – Then my four year hardcore download of all things darkside, and lightside – with my stoner ex – And now, as a writer, with my husband who also smokes – There was none of this before hand and yet a steady flow of joints have been handed my way for the past ten years, or so – and I write some of my best pieces like this – One of which being the following:

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Empowered You – to bring in the new

It may appear that those who are here to bring in the new way are some of the ones who feel the most hurt at another’s projection towards them – The opposite is in-fact true – they are some of the people who are the strongest in this area – It is just that they are some of the most judged, because they are moving out into something different – Yes, it still hurts, but it does not sway them from their path – It is in-fact the one making the projections who is most at the mercy of what others think – attempting to shoot down anything different – because this scares them and the way they feel about themselves – Stay here with me! It says

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Helpful Tips to Stand your Ground in Bringing in The New

Firstly, know that every single person who’s wish was to generate something new faced resistance, had their ideas pulled to pieces, had groups of people collectively dismissing, ridiculing this ‘new idea’ – Why is that? Because we fear change, even when we know it is necessary –

Your bravery is a kin to how vulnerable you are willing to make yourself – To stand up and say ‘This is my truth, this is what I believe in and this is what I will create’ – This makes you a target, something different, a representation that stands out – But know this, you are protected, very much so  Continue reading Helpful Tips to Stand your Ground in Bringing in The New

Transforming Earth with our Love

We all know that people can be completely transformed by another’s love – We also know that we can be completely destroyed by loving another – So what does it take from us to love humanity in this way? – For me, I have realized it is to love enough to wish for a higher standard of reality for more people, for everyone actually, why not! – I will do this by holding faith that there are enough people already wishing for this and actively working out how this could be possible – Those souls who are brave enough to stand up and say – ‘Look! This is your planet, this is what is happening and this is your opportunity for change’

I am here to support this movement – to impart what I have leant along the way, to share the feelings that arise, to let people know that they are on this path of awakening

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