Keeping Out of Keeping Up

This is ingrained into us at such an early age. There is a speed that must be maintained, or you will fall behind!! So subtle at times, very apparent at others. Grading children at school, tests and exams, doing everything in quite a certain way. Pressure.

That was a nice summary wasn’t it! And yet to step out of this is to suddenly see it in this way. When you allow yourself the time to breath deeply, to stop and smell the proverbial roses, to move at your own rhythm in your own direction, only then do we allow ourselves to expand into something new.

Now, I’m not saying sit around and scratch your ass all day long. Like thats the only two options that many will jump to here. The fear that this is what happens when we take time out in this way, for reflection, for life review, for something new to arise. That new thing, more often than not, is not lying on the couch all day long. Especially at our present time of great transformation.

Keeping up keeps us looking outward, away from our inner voice. We have no time to listen to that, look at the house my sibling just bought! Comparison, attempting to align to someone else’s way, feeling unworthy and suffering from stress. God! Sometimes I feel like a right negative bastard and I really apologise for doing so, but sometimes, in order to move out of something, we have to see it in a certain light.

It takes bravery to move into something new, for sure it does. It is such a big step we are taking right now on Earth. Away from some out dated patterns, into something quite different. The only reason we ever make this movement is because we begin to feel badly about where we currently are. Celebrate that bad feeling, for if it were not there, we would not change and there is SO MUCH on offer for all of us right now.


CC image ‘Do try to keep up son!’ courtesy of Robin Hutton on Flickr


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