How to Reach the Most Expanded You!

We are so keen to get things up happening and done already. Resulting in the inevitable putting on of pressure. Kick up the ass, head down, nose to the grind stone – That’s how things get done! But what exactly are we doing, creating, achieving, when we work in this way?

Whenever we put pressure on we compress, restrict, make heavy. It is so hard not to do this, in this world of sooner is better, get the returns on the effort you are putting in as soon as, making it all happen the first is the greatest sign of success – But what if there were another way?  

A way that moves in peace, takes it time, never puts on the pressure – What would those creations be like? Of a different level thats for sure. When we look only to the physical level in life, to the ‘I can see it before me with my own eyes’ level, we are inadvertently ignoring all of the other levels that are not only available to us, they are the expanded power sources for us. Operating from the heart level, using the mind to create, may look like nothing much is happening at all on the physical level, because it is not, yet!

Working at the heart and mind levels is laying the foundations as it were. The expanded support structure, get that right and all else is able to fall into place at greater levels. To take the time to see what exactly is is we are here to do, the dreams to follow, our hearts desire – Finding that purpose in life that makes us feel blessed to carry out the work that we do each day. To allow yourself this, is to allow the greatest version of you to shine though.

Now, I’m not saying its all cool to sit around scratching you arse all day long now, no. Its simply about taking the time to tune in – What is it my highest purpose would have me do today? If you do not have a morning routine that involves some quite time, meditative time, that allows for higher guidance to come through, then you may find it beneficial to start. I have found the ‘sending out’ the following brings me exactly what needs to be done in each day. Nothing more nothing less….

Make me a channel for your Divine Creation

Allow me to glow so that my light may light up others

Take me to where I need to be

Show me what I need to see

Guide me toward what I need to do

And just like that, I reach a deeper more expanded alignment, and the perfect ‘To Do’ list for the day comes through. Exactly the right amount that can be achieved in that day, in peace, harmony and aligned power. Step by step, taking us perfectly into all that we truly are…

CC image ‘Reach Out!’ courtesy of David Ip on Flickr


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