The Power of Trance – and how to make it work for you, not against you

I remember very clearly, weirdly enough, considering I was massively tranced out, having HUGE downloads of information literally pouring into my head. There I was, clutching to the fridge in my mother in laws kitchen, trying to keep my shit together, feeling like my mind had just rocket blasted out into space. And so it is at times, with our current experience of awakening .

We have to trance out at times during our awakening. We may feel like we’ve ‘dropped out’ during this period. Very few of the things that worked before, are still working. Like being able to function as a normal human being. You may very well find yourself looking on at others who are simply going about their lives, having a great time, or so Facebook would suggest! Then theres you, floored.

My experience of this went on for maybe four of five years. Yours need not be the same. We are all individual and unique. I literally had to have a notebook and pen with me at all times. When it started to flow in I had to flow it out on to paper, or it would quite literally be lost. There is no way I could retain and remember everything that was coming to me, or through me should I say. It is clearly my mission here on Earth to write it down and pass it on.

Maybe this could be something you find yourself doing. Many of us don’t feel worthy enough to spread this ‘new message’. Okay fine, so see yourself as channel. If you find certain ideas, ways of seeing things, inspiration, messages, coming to you, jot them down. With this very simple act alone, you are opening something up within yourself. When you pass this along, either in written word, or verbally, you are opening others up too.

There are many many many non-physical, non-Earthly entities who very much want this transition to work out in a positive way. A way that benefits Humanity, who have been bending to a rather negative way for a rather long time. You, as a human being, on Earth right now, are the PERFECT candidate for enabling this to happen.

Due to the law of free will, outside forces cannot affect change, it must happen from within. Which just so happens to be where you are! To allow this to come through you must CHOOSE YOUR TRANCE TIME. I put that in capitals because so very many of us have allowed other forces to choose our trance time for us. THIS is the time when we are most open, most receptive and most influenced and it is for this reason that we should be so very careful indeed. What goes in comes out as not only your version of reality, but it joins with the collective consciousness and has an impact on everyones version of reality.

Sorry if the following sounds a bit much, but it is the truth none the less….



The mainstream news, both watched and read

Manufactured, profit driven music

Technical devices




Meditation and Yoga

Reading inspirational books

Getting out in nature

Quiet time in solitude

Listening to natural/spiritual/uplifting music


ALL of the above ‘talk to us’ give us messages, affect us profoundly. Its is clearly our choice as to what we allow ourselves to be influenced by. If we wish to wake up at this time, to the bigger picture that is now unfolding before all of our eyes, when we choose to really see, then we must be incredibly careful with ourselves as to when we allow ourselves to go into trance.

CC image ‘new horizons’ courtesy of Alice Popcorn on Flickr


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