How to live doing exactly what YOU WANT to do and NOTHING that you don’t want to do…

In life, many of us have come to the erroneous conclusion, that we have to do things we do not want to do, quite a lot of the time. This is so ingrained in many of us, that we have come to the belief that if we do not spend a lot of our time doing things we do not want to do, we will be putting ourselves at risk. Such is the nature of the control and manipulation upon this planet, we unwittingly carry out tasks, all by ourselves, that serve those who wish to profit and feed from humanity.

Sounds a bit much, no? And yet that is exactly what is happening upon Earth, your planet.

We must not mistake this ‘things we do not want to do’ with challenges in life. When we are aiming for something, it is difficult to get there. For the experience of life, there must be certain challenges in place, for us to learn and grow from. No, this is different. What I am talking about, is dragging ourselves into doing many of the life sacrifices we do and would much rather not.

Of course we still have to go to the shops, eat, wipe our bums. We are in the physical reality after all. This is more about what we spend most of our time doing, our work, our goals, our main focus in life. There are many who have nailed this and feel inspired and joyful to do what they are doing. But there are many who have not.

I am living proof that you can follow exactly what feels truly right for yourself, every single step of the way and NEVER force yourself into doing anything that you do not want to do.

How does that notion sit with you? What are your reactions? Maybe write them down….

Many common responses might be:

Thats just unrealistic

Life’s not like that!

‘In your world maybe’

Its not possible

What a load of nonsense

And so we can see how so many of us block this way of being with what we believe reality to be.

We have been manipulated into a way of being, so that the masses serve a few. This has been done largely through fear and the concealment of information. Not only have we not dared to venture out of these invisible boundaries, we didn’t even realise that there was anything outside of them. We do have a lot of freedoms too it’s true, enough to keep many of us unaware of what is really happening. But never the less, many of our efforts are channelled away from ourselves, towards those who wish to serve themselves off the backs of others.

God! I’m so negative!

And yet we must look into the darkness in this way, in order to unravel it from our lives, until we find that we no longer channel our energy, or efforts in directions we do not wish to. In directions that feel uncomfortable, that we have to force ourselves into doing. If there is ever a sign that we are not on our path, having to force yourself to do things you do not want to do it is.

So, I will make the journey back now, and share the steps with you from the beginning, that lead me to living a life of freedom, to take whatever steps I wish in whatever direction I choose. Each and every day, in each and every way…


Listen to yourself first and foremost

Firstly, I listened to myself more than I listened to others. It was said in school that I was never one to do as I was told and this has been true of my entire life. Considered a ‘bad thing’ in our younger years, we are often trained into listening to others, over ourselves, by the means of punishment and reward. This is often carried out into our adult life. Do as you are told, keep your head down and you’ll keep your job and be okay. Only you know what is truly right for yourself. No matter how turbulent it becomes, listening to and following this inner voice of guidance, that we all have becomes nothing less than what leads us to our path of freedom.

Stand your ground on your own path

I stood my ground. Even when everyone around me was telling me I was going in the wrong direction. Even when I felt at times ‘What the hell are you dong Prue!’ I still stood firm in what I felt was right. This is so hard to do at times, SO hard! Especially in my case, as I didn’t really know what the final destination I was heading towards was. Just this immense feeling that I should do ‘something’ to help the planet at this time. Generating more and more faith in myself and this path I have chosen the further I moved along it. God, it was so hard at times, but I guess thats what it takes at the moment, to take ourselves back, to break free, to stand our ground and ultimately get on OUR OWN path.

Get in contact with the expanded realms

If you want your life to expand into something new, you have to let your mind expand into something new. It is there, for each and every single one of us to tune into. Waiting patiently to help guide and support us through this current huge transition phase we are now right in the middle of – and all you have to do is ask – Sit quietly, give yourself time, breath deeply comfortably and wholeheartedly, and say – I am here, I wish to be in communication with you. I am open, I am ready – Repeat until you feel satisfied your message has been sent and heard. Simple as that. You WILL get contact. Be open to receiving messages in a myriad of ways, in every part of your reality and you will be amazed at this new relationship you have now formed.

Accept the blessed life

Our 3rd Dimensional old/current programming says – You have to work your bollocks off, if you want the blessed life. Which generally involves material wealth. That is the only way to ‘get there’ a massive sacrifice of your time and effort. So that when you do finally ‘get there’ you find that you are so stressed and disappointed, because that is not where true happiness lies, that you wish you never bothered. God! I am so negative, and yet this is the case for so many people. Okay, so what does the 5th Dimension that is arising have to say? – Creation is there for you whatever. You do not need to ‘buy’ this, it is yours already. Communicate what it is you need in life, more peace, more freedom, more time in nature. To feel safe, secure, to know that you are always cared for. We have a HUGE amount on the man made material level, just tap into this and accept what you need in order to live. Its okay to do that, especially if you are doing something beneficial at this time. Follow what is truly right for yourself and everything you need will ‘magically’ present itself before you. Your true nature is to feel free, blessed, joyful. Anything that suggests otherwise should be avoided. You are not putting yourself at risk by doing this. You are in-fact putting yourself at risk by not doing this.

CC image ‘15676817166_cbe8c9ba42_b Moments In Life’ courtesy of Dianne Lacourciere on Flickr –


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