Its Alright to see yourself as Special – In-fact, it can be very Beneficial!

I had a dream last night that Zoe Balls baby told me I was special. Special or what?!?

I have received psychic messages telling me that I am from Andromeda and that I have come to Earth to help affect the change that is needed here

I have been told on many occasions that I am Angel Prudence. I see this as simply meaning I incarnated here from somewhere that would be considered heavenly


If you are still reading (and not thinking I am a giant nob) then thank you….

We like to keep things ‘normal’ within a certain frame, acceptable to the ears of others. Anything outside of this we automatically think reject reject!! Certainly don’t blab that out of your mouth, or write it on your blog post for fuck sake!! What will people think!


Is there another option available to us????

YES! Obviously there is, or I would not be writing this – Its called faith. In ourselves and in others

Faith in ourselves to be all that we know we are. Even if this is buried deep down, when we allow it out, with our belief in it, allowing it to unfold, further develop, gently join into our everyday living reality – we are creating it so. Our deeper, more expanded truth. No matter how abstract, unbelievable, or just outright weird that may be

Faith in others to allow this to be. Yes, there will most likely always be someone laughing their tits of, pointing the finger and rolling around on the floor in hysterics. But what I have found, is that these people are the furthest away from their truth, they are scared of it, intimidated by it. Because they are projecting out their own behaviours, they believe they will be ridiculed, because that is exactly what they do. So they attempt to destroy it, but all that are doing is further preventing themselves from becoming all they actually are

So, just step over them and carry on. Oh how mean! I hear you cry!! Its a question of focus, of where we channel our energies. Down onto the one laughing on the floor, or ahead on our own path of wondrous evolution. I might give them a little stamp on the balls in a pair of high heels as I go. Thats fair isn’t it? Everyones happy!

And on the other hand – to have faith in others to be open to hearing this, is to set not only yourself free, but others too. We do have an impact when we think we are going to be judged. We are creating the other into someone who is not ready. This hinders everyone involved. To know that people are open and receptive, is to ignite the spark within them that says this is possible, for themselves as well as others

What has my belief in all of this brought me? Just about every single blessing in my entire life. My seeing myself this way has been the absolute driving force that enables me to do this work. Connection to the expanded realms enables me to feel looked after, that I will be okay venturing out in this way. Seeing myself as a channel of something new, that I am capable and worthy of this role. I hinder myself to very few of the boundaries that can so easily be put in place. I accept all of the blessings that life has to offer

It took me quite a while to feel comfortable in saying this, being this, living this. Reality is simply ‘what we know’. Throughout our lives we are shown ‘what to know’. This is real, this is not. It could be time to take that, and chuck it straight out of the window. Launch yourself out of that window too, because there is a new level of reality that is opening up and it is available to ALL OF US, just outside of what we thought we knew. If only we allow ourself to have it, to be it, to live it – and to share that. As as sign of the ‘new human’ we are ALL evolving into

If you are here, now, on Earth, that does actually make you special already. Just that. Earth is at a great turning point. We are making the shift from one level of consciousness, out into the next more expansive level of consciousness. From the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension. It is an understatement to say that this is a very special time to be on Earth. You chose this, we all did. Each and every one of us is playing our role, in whatever way that may be, to bring forth a greater level of consciousness upon Earth

To see yourself in this way, is to be yourself in this way. The delicate unfolding of yourself in all your beautiful truth, is to allow others to do the same. This is how we are creating the beneficial changes here. By allowing our freedom of expression, by doing what feel is truly right for ourselves, by allowing transformations of great magnitude to take place all around you, within you, upon your planet and ultimately this will reverberate across the entire universe – Well done you!

‘the portal is opening’ CC image courtesy of Alice Popcorn on Flickr


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