The Power of Humility

Humility can get so misunderstood – My understanding of it is non-ownership – that’s it – Maybe my understanding is wrong, but it’s the only thing that makes sense to me – Non-ownership of our actions, our capabilities, our possessions, how people are towards us, everything – with the same understanding towards other too – How is that to be understood?

We are a character playing a role here

Non ownership of ‘who we are’ – it is the ego that says ‘this is me, this is who I am, what I’ve done, what I am and am not capable of!’ – In this way it greatly limits what we truly are, all that is actually available to us – This is given when we do not ‘own’ who we are – When we say it is not ‘me’ doing anything, I am simply a channel of creation – It is this notion that allows more to flow though us – Humility is not less, it is more

Humility is not living in lack, in any way what-so-ever

This actually comes from the ego – ‘Look at me and how humble I am trying to be, I have absolutely nothing!’ – This is a ‘show’ and the show is put on by the ego – This is a trap that so many of us fall into – Ownership, desire for the material world is very much frowned upon by some, but this can get taken too far, leaving us struggling – We can have all of the wonders of the world in our lives, we just see it as a loan, as an experience of it all – to share, for all to enjoy

It is no longer personal

Phew, what an absolute relief it is to reach this stage – Living in judgment of the self, of others, having a good/bad, I like/don’t like opinion on everything – not only gobbles up an enormous amount of energy – it also takes us away from any deeper alignments available to us as it creates a lot of ‘surface’ noise and movement – To make it all non personal by overcoming judgment is to be free – to move in the way you choose to and to allow others to do the same – is one of the greatest gifts of humility

To recognize the ego self as an illusion

Yes, we all have ego – otherwise we would not be here – but to see it for what it really is could be understood as one of the greatest blessings that can be bestowed – As ‘big and strong’ as the ego likes to think itself to be, it is nothing in comparison to the strength of humility – The softness that is allowed to flow, into places the ego is not allowed to enter – The kindness that is bestowed upon the self, as well as others

‘Crashing wave’ CC image courtesy of Karen Blaha on Flickr


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