How to Take on an Increased Charge of Energy

See yourself as a channel

This is probably the most important understanding to take on if we wish to see an increase in our power – When we say ‘I am doing everything in my life’ we massively reduce what we are capable of achieving – We also fall prey to pride and shame for our actions, which takes up valuable energy as it has us swinging about all over the place – Seeing ourselves as a channel allows for balance, equality, openness and a great progression forwards into something new for ourselves

Do it for The All, rather than The Self

When we channel towards ourselves we can only take on a certain amount – If we ‘go beyond a certain level’ we get overcharged and self destruct – As we have seen with every single self obsessed power hungry figure throughout history – When we channel outwards, towards others, we can take on more, a lot more – To see ourselves as merely a conduit for this new energy to flow though is such a blessing

Remove the blocks

These exist largely in the mind in the form of fear and guilt drives – ‘non deserving’ and ‘its not possible’ programming – These are only thoughts, but when we ‘entertain’ them, they form out into our physical reality – Meditation is a great way of becoming aware of just how many thoughts we have, what they are saying – and ultimately how to move ourselves on from the ones we don’t want


Bringing me nicely onto the other benefits of meditation – The mind, its thoughts, movement, noise – creates a barrier around the self – It has come to the stage in many of us where we are ‘full of thoughts’ – so much so that nothing else has a chance to enter in – The new energy that is coming in is certainly powerful, but that does not mean it isn’t subtle – We are expanding outward into the next layer of our being – If we don’t take the time to quiet the mind, we will not be able to hear what this is – We will not be able to break through this current barrier that thought creates – We will miss out on the oh-so-gentle voice that speaks to us through inspiration, visions and insights


This expands and opens not only our bodies, but the mind and emotions as well – We gain greater balance – More connection – Peace of mind – Strength – Alignment – Greater enjoyment of life – Toxins are cleared from our bodies – There is a reason why an interest in yoga is on the increase, because it is one of the best ways to align ourselves to the new energy that is here

Eat raw vegan

If you can, I understand how difficult that can be for many of us – What I do is see it as making a journey towards eating more raw vegan food each day – As our energy increases, the energy that we hold in our bodies increases too – If we have been consuming animal products, especially those that have been farmed in cruel ways – that energy will feel incredibly dense and heavy, magnified and just bloody awful – If on the other hand we are eating a raw vegan diet, we will feel light, powerful, clean and energised

‘Charged’ a CC image courtesy of QUOI Media Group on Flickr


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