How to Work Full Time as Healer of our Planet

We are all here to work, to contribute in order to live here, for there to be a fair exchange of our time and efforts in return for the necessities of life – What we are opening up to now is a different way of working – Rather than working and earning, it could be understood as giving and receiving – How does that work?

Our efforts have a return, this is often not and does not always need to be monetary – My work is researching and writing this blog and various books, I would not be able to do this if I was not receiving enough to live – I live in spare rooms, I borrow spare cars, I hardly have anything money wise and yet I always have everything I need – A friend once said ‘Yes, but this was in place for you already, no?’ No it wasn’t and even if it had been and I was not doing this work, I would feel incredibly uncomfortable with this arrangement – But, because I work, I also accept – We will often manifest into our lives what we feel is fair, our subconscious will reject anything else from coming to us

We always have something to give, our consideration, our compassion, our creativity, our wish to benefit, bestow, create light and joy – All this takes is our effort – As we channel our energy this way, we find that more energy is channeled towards ourselves – Other areas of our lives lighten up a bit, we no longer need to carry the load all by ourselves – Items may come our way, gifts, generosity, others consideration – Life may give us a bit of a break, less difficulties, dramas, conflict arises – All of which allow for even more energy to be channeled out towards others – Rather than having less when we give, we find that we all have more

My way of working is ‘new’ – I am employed by my reality, I serve it, my planet and my race and I am supported in doing so – I do not get paid, I have been working like this for many years – This way of being is available to all of us should we choose to do so – It doesn’t make life ‘all perfect’, no there will always be challenges, but what it does introduce are greatly expanded feelings of power, freedom and hope – Doing the work here, that is so very necessary at this time

‘Heal the world !!!’ CC image courtesy of bluewinx15(BACK) on Flickr


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