Becoming Conscious – The Reality

We have been existing largely on auto-pilot here – Much of our reality is laid out before us, many of our motivations arising from the subconscious – The general pattern of expectations, the markers in place for the majority of us to move in a similar direction, towards similar goals in life – But this has now changed, the goal posts have just moved, or rather disappeared all together! As have many of the markers we have allowed to guide us – This means we can no longer go through life on auto-pilot, we need to learn to captain our own ship, we need to become conscious

The terrain has changed, as have the weather patterns – The old programming that we have been able to rely upon is no longer able to get us through – We need to become conscious – This will take our time and effort to understand and then implement our new way of being – If we are still channeling the majority of our time and effort into the old way we will not be able to achieve this – We must bid farewell to it, bit by bit – Moving on from what has been comfortable for so long, before it becomes too uncomfortable for us to bare


Happen instantly

Unless you are one of the rare few for which a spontaneous awakening was a necessary part of their path – It takes time and effort and determination and sacrifice – Sorry, but that is just the way it is – Something this great cannot be handed to us, we must earn it – and that takes time

Make life easier

This is probably one of the biggest delusions about waking up – Life does not become easier as there are still challenges, it’s just the challenges that change – Unconsciousness is concerned with the self and therefore lives a limited existence that is hard work at the physical level –  Consciousness is concerned with humanity and Earth at a time of great abuse and suffering – It takes a lot of effort at the heart and mind levels –  Which is by no means an easy task to take on

Make you superior over those who are unconscious

Part of becoming conscious means having more unconscious behaviours presented to you – We are in training to be non-judgmental, to live in greater levels of love and understanding – to see the value in each and every person upon our planet as an equal and necessary form of creation


Pay off a karmic debt you may have

I am quite clear in my understanding, that all of the effort I put into this work is to pay off something I did in a past life – We’ve been here before on Earth, at this crisis turning point – and guess what, we didn’t manage it last time – and that is what I believe happened to Atlantis – Many souls who were here at that time have come back at this time to try and make a mends as it were, to achieve what we failed at in our past

Help and benefit others

Becoming conscious is to gain a deeper understanding in the nature of reality and how if we care for ‘it’ ‘it’ cares for us – This means we no longer have to look out for ourselves to such an extent, we can turn our focus out towards the whole at this time – and feel safe in doing so

Bring in The New Way

This point that we find ourselves in, will be remembered in our history as the biggest transformation known to man – To be a part of this is an incredible honour – To make the efforts to bring our own consciousness forth at this time is often all we need to do

‘Miriam Gourfink’ CC image courtesy of dancetechtv on Flickr


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