Big Shifts = Big Pain – and that my dear, is alright

I have my periods of feeling really rather bloody awful! – You may think ‘Well, why are you making suggestions on how to live, if you feel like such crap at times?’ and I used to question myself about this, a lot, doesn’t add up right? But I realised, that feeling like shit now is a good thing – I would rather feel like shit for some of the time now – AND – be able to put into action something that I believe will help our future – Rather than feel really shit later on down the line – and have no choice

I feel like shit because of the abuse that is happening to the planet and the effort I go to in my attempt to relieve this – Its hard work, on so many levels, in so many ways – IT HURTS

We have chosen this pain, because it is pushing us onwards, to evolve to develop new more conscious ways of being – breaking though, overcoming, seeing what is really going down, hurt, pain, arrrggghhhhh….. That is how I feel sometimes, big time – It makes me look at others and think ‘Who am I to be suggesting a new way of being, I feel like my head is about to explode, should I not be keeping my mouth firmly shut?

I always thought I shyed away from the ‘present pains for future gains’ way of being – because I do, in my personal life, I live for the moment, I have no fears for the future – But in my working life? No, anything but – The pain we are going through now, you people who are helping with this shift, holds a HUGE amount of value! It is so easy to think that we are mentally unwell, that there is a problem, that we are unable to function very well – I no longer do this to myself, I found it makes something that hurts practically unbearable – Non-personal observation of what is going on upon our planet and within ourselves – Just to observe the intensely difficult times as growing pains, labour pains, creation pains – not – personal pains, failure pains, I don’t even know what the fuck pains…..

There are a HUGE amount of shifts going on right now – Thankfully I have many friends who I can openly to talk about things like that, I see it happening within all sensitive evolving souls, I am able to make this whole experience less about myself and the cry of ‘WHY!?!’ – No, it just is what it is, try to ignore, try to up the spiritual practice and most importantly of all, try not to do your own head in by making it all so horribly personal!

‘struggle’ CC image courtesy of anjan chatterjee on Flickr


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