Anger, Frustration and a General Fuck You Feeling at what is happening on Earth?

If you haven’t gotten a bit angry and ranty during your awakening, then you really are an angel – It is really difficult not to get overwhelmed at our present situation – It is such a task to take on and sometimes this can leave us feeling very frustrated – Its okay to have these feelings sometimes, anger towards others when we wish for peace and unity can make us feel very uncomfortable indeed – If we deny ourselves feeling like this at times we may be setting an unrealistic standard for ourselves, as well as others – I absolutely know it is not the best way – but I also know that we are in quite intense times and if this shows itself in ‘un-peaceful’ ways then so be it

The feelings I have after I rant are utterly awful – like I just jumped backwards twenty places – The only thing that consoles me is my understanding of what we are going though, the immensity of it all – I rant far less often these days, rarely I would say – but on the odd occasion that I do, like a while ago when I posted this to my friends on Facebook:

Very deep change

It says – Those who do not see that the world needs a very deep CHANGE are completely BLIND – Its eye cream – I said I wonder if everyone used it they would be able to see? – When I saw it in a magazine it jumped out at me, made me feel less alone in what I believe, like I’m not going mad/being negative/conjuring up in my head this need for our ‘shift in consciousness’

I do try not to be too hard on myself afterwards – I’m sure it caused some movement within people, some may agree, some may feel sadness and others probably said ‘Oh shut the fuck up!’

I have just realised that this was over a year ago now, so it’s clearly ‘yet another stage!’ – that passes – on this road of awakening we are all on – I don’t really feel like this anymore, I am happy to say – because it is not an easy stage to be in – Going easy on myself allowed me to go easy on others – Much better!

“Not Getting Involved” CC image Courtesy of Tarik Browne on Flickr


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