Marihuana = Gaining Beautifully Beneficial Insights

I realized recently, that throughout my entire awakening process, I’ve been a marihuana smoker – Not loads, barely a part time stoner I would say – but it has been pretty consistent – The first stages of my awakening I was practically joined at the hip with a new friend, who smoked – Then my four year hardcore download of all things darkside, and lightside – with my stoner ex – And now, as a writer, with my husband who also smokes – There was none of this before hand and yet a steady flow of joints have been handed my way for the past ten years, or so – and I write some of my best pieces like this – One of which being the following:

The way we move on from this situation is to help the controlling few see that we are more evolved than their understanding of us and that it is not our wish to take vengeance or harm them. The most powerful way to let them know of this is to love them. Dig deep and be brave. Love is truly where our power lies, fear is where our weakness lies. When we project our fearful selves at these beings we become their slaves. When we project our loving selves at these beings we become their carers. That is true love, that which overcomes the limitation of conditional love and expands out to encompass the whole with unconditional love. That which encompasses All, unity.

An extract from a book I am writing

I wrote this a couple of years ago and I distinctly remember being stoned at the time – Yet another stoner friend was with me that day! – It was the first time I realized the power of our love in relation to the few who wish to manipulate and control – It was not only quite a revolution for myself, it was also quite a surprise – When we first have our eyes opened to all that has been and is still going on, the last thing we may think of is to love those who are perpetrating such acts – and yet it is beneficial on so many levels – not to mention for the self – Before this realization I felt angry, resentful, like I had a battle on my hands – Now I have realized that my power lies in love for these souls I feel at peace, empowered and safe – As if my projection of love reduced their harmful impact, they shrank in this area and now I see them as just a stage to overcome, that they are not to be feared, that they are also on this journey of awakening with us – and what better way to help them along than to see the good in them, that is growing each and every day – and focus upon that and that alone

Smoking marihuana can clearly have negative effects as well, I am not ignoring that fact, I am simply sharing my own experience – It opens us up and we must be very careful with this, to remain in balance and in control – I have seen the damage that it causes when this is not achieved – We must all take responsibility for our own realities –  Now more so than ever, at this time of great change and rapid evolution

“Collage weed – Wallpaper” CC image Courtesy of Tote Orozco HKD on Flickr


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