Empowered You – to bring in the new

It may appear that those who are here to bring in the new way are some of the ones who feel the most hurt at another’s projection towards them – The opposite is in-fact true – they are some of the people who are the strongest in this area – It is just that they are some of the most judged, because they are moving out into something different – Yes, it still hurts, but it does not sway them from their path – It is in-fact the one making the projections who is most at the mercy of what others think – attempting to shoot down anything different – because this scares them and the way they feel about themselves – Stay here with me! It says

This understanding here is not for everybody – I have had to learn this and accept that to many people it sounds like – crap, shit and total hogwash – as I have ‘been told’ – This used to upset me – I thought I’m busting a gut, trying to get this out there and you are making it a whole heap more difficult for me!! – I realize now that they are doing nothing in the way of making it more difficult – I am by ‘taking it on’ – I realized that I have to pick and choose – I can either channel my energy into these little ‘battles’ – or I can channel it into writing – It is pretty clear which one of the two is the better use of my energy – and I am making this movement in the right direction, more and more each day

When we see someone put themselves ‘out on a limb’ with their new understanding of things, try to support them – This really does make such a difference, even if its only a Facebook ‘like’ – It can be so disheartening trying to spread the understanding of this new way at times – So anything that helps support this movement will be very much appreciated – I promise!

“Wisdom – Seed of Light” CC image Courtesy of Hartwig HKD on Flickr



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