3D to 5D – 10 Easy Ways to Understand Differences

  1. Information

Yes, a pretty broad understanding, but the most important to grasp – New information is coming to earth that is causing our awakening across the planet, taking us from The 3D into The 5D – How does this come to us? – Often it literally pops into our heads – Eureka moments happening all the time, within more and more people and in places we never thought possible – What is this information telling us? – of the nature of creation and how connected we are to our reality – and how we can influence this with what we believe and with how much love we hold

  1. An expansion of experience

The dimensions of reality could be understood as going from restriction – out into expansion – and this is exactly what is happening to us right now – We are expanding our experiences out from the limitations of The 3D into the vastness of The 5D

  1. Peace

The level of conscious that is all encompassing is also the one that is at the greatest levels of peace – Unity and peace go hand in hand – as does separation and fear – We are making the movement towards greater peace with our movement towards greater unity – This is what naturally happens as we move up the dimensions of reality, as we are doing so at this time

  1. More love!

In 3D we were largely governed by fear – Lots of things to worry about and lots of awful things happening, it was difficult not to let this be our guiding force – But with the new information that is coming we see how we can overcome this with the power of our love – We shift our hearts and our minds towards a more loving way of being and we see just how much more successful and beautiful life is as a result

  1. Less fear = more safety

When we really get to grips with choosing what we create, we realize just how attractive fear is when held in the mind – As we work to remove this we find we attract less fearful situations towards ourselves – We feel safe as a result


I put that in capitals because this is how we feel in The 5D – To move on from the disempowerment we have felt in The 3D feels fantastic!!!! – To have faith in ourselves to be self governing and live the life we choose is to tune into our greatest power source at the deepest level of alignment

  1. Humility

The movement between 3D and 5D is only possible when we work to understand and release our 3D ego selves – if we are still coming from here we will find our power fading – We think we are the ones doing everything, until we come to the realization that we are just a channel of creation – Its time to shift ourselves into the new power source by becoming humble enough to be able to have it

  1. Connection

To Earth, to our realities, to the spirit realm and to the whole of humanity – The dimensions of reality could be described as a scale going from absolute connection to absolute disconnection – We reconnect and shift into The 5D when we empathize, when we lift the blindfold of ignorance so we can really see what is happening – no matter how painful this may be

  1. Acceptance

Of the self, of others, of the way things are – This one is so valuable, it leads to so many blessings – Peace, harmony, welcoming in the blessed life and helping to create it for others

  1. Faith

That our future is safe, that we will make this change and that we will collectively reap the blessing this will bring

“better days” CC image Courtesy of Ramon Rosati on Flickr



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