Contact with my Spirit Guide – and the blessings of putting ‘The Self’ out of the way

Oh good, bloody amazing actually – I am now in direct contact with a group of consciousness’s from Andromeda, who go by the name Eleya – Whoa, I felt myself just open up even more, just by writing those words – Okay – This is something I have wished I could do for a while now – not consciously, probably because that part of me didn’t really believe this sort of thing is possible, not for me – others yes – but I felt like I wasn’t ‘special’ or ‘advanced’ enough to be able to do this – and now I realize anyone can do this

Eleya is writing through me – probably a lot of what you read in my blog and books are there because Eleya put the ideas, the inspiration, the words into my head – I have always known that they do not come directly from me, but rather through me – But that is the same with all creation, we are simply channels of this – When we fully realize this we are able to put the limiting ego out of the way and open up to an increased charge, without attempting to ‘own’ it – Eleya warned me of the troubles of doing so

Yes, that is correct STOP thinking about yourself – This will cause you no end of upset – It will also reduce your impact – You are a channel, a messenger – Allow the ego to go enough for you to live like this YOU SEE?

“M31 Andromeda Galaxy (Visible Light)” CC image Courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre on Flickr


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