Stages of Awakening – My Experience

I look like I’m emerging from a sewer there – which funnily enough is what it felt like! – and yes the tropical island lushness is what I entered into – We are making such an incredible transformation at this time – it is very useful to understand the stages of this process – because they can be very different from each other to say the least!

Before Awakening – The 3D

Day to day

Career, future

Finances, bills

Home, car

Clothes, shopping

TV in the evenings

Family and friends

What to do at the weekend

Feeling helpless about the suffering of the world

Able to donate money to charities

Stress, business, so much to do everyday, never quite finding peace

No time to sit and observe

Feeling okay with the present structures, business, banks, government

Think that spirituality is not really anything/or for slightly odd people

Good-ish physical health – apart from reaction to stress and tiredness

Its funny how I thought everything was okay at this stage and now when I look back I see how at the mercy of outside forces I was – Not in a scary way, but in a very influential way as to how I lived my life – What people thought of me, what was expected of me, what I was and wasn’t able to do ‘realistically’ – It moved in a much smaller circle, with much more shallow interests – It was also a lovely time, don’t get me wrong, they say ignorance is bliss after all! – I was in my twenties, so I hadn’t really taken on any great responsibility anyway – But I could feel I was judged in some ways, I felt like there was something missing from me, a depth of some sort – I was materialistic, vain and lacking in understanding, as compared to who I am now – Not a terrible person by any means, just self focused, limited in my awareness of anything outside of my friends and family, what I liked to do and how I was going to do it!


During Awakening – The Cluster Fuck!

Difficulties in every area of my life – some rather extreme

Fear, anxiety, confusion – in greatly increased levels

Superior/inferior swings

Negative view of humanity

Frustration, overwhelmed

Wanting to hide

Isolation and loneliness

Feeling separate, different

Psychic senses opened up

Sadness, anger, wanting to fight against forces of control

Resistance and judgment from others

Feeling misunderstood, misinterpreted

Fragile, easily offended and upset

Arguments, disagreements

‘Mental health issues’ as they are currently interpreted

Feeling like I was going mad

A sense of something new arising

An insatiable thirst for knowledge

Massive pouring in of information – both light and dark side

Open to believing much more – in both the light and the dark

A feeling of exploration, adventure, rising up above something

Mmmmm, doesn’t that all sound lovely? No? Because it isn’t – I could have sugar coated this part, but I don’t think that would be fair – Seeing this part in ‘all its glory’ will help – It has not been said to scare, it has been said so it is not taken personally – add that into the mix and it becomes even more difficult – If we can see and recognize these as just a natural reaction to what we are going through, that we have done nothing wrong, we are simply awakening – it will help for you to accept what is happening with a much greater level of understanding than I ever had – It is a stage, an essential stage, but IT WILL PASS – Always remember that, always hold on to that – There is light at the end of the tunnel – the brightest light you will have ever seen – This stage is like a spring clean, unearthing many things into our awareness – It is not pleasant that is for sure, but the results are – A new you will be born of this phase – Who you are, how you view yourself, the new life you are able to create and all of the wonderful benefits that come with this – You will look back and say – Oh my God, that was horrible, but I am so glad I went through it – it is definitely worth it!


Post Awakening – The 5D

Living the dream, Idyllic

Back to nature

‘I would love to have your life, but I’m too scared’

Needing less money, less belongings

Following your hearts desire

Worrying much less

Much greater sense of freedom

Aware of greater guiding and caring forces

Huge desire to help

Wishing to help bring forth the change that is needed here

Increased sensitivity – which can feel both good and bad

Greater manifesting abilities

Things ‘falling into place’

Faith in oneself to be self-governing

Manifesting less resistance into life

Still difficulties in maintaining this way

Swings, ups and downs, being tested – but less and less as time goes on

Feeling comfortable moving at a more peaceful pace

Greater understanding about the nature of reality

Holding your own, speaking your truth

Much less judgment of ourselves and others

Acceptance of the way things are, greater knowledge in the nature of duality

Feeling powerful and humble at the same time

Bright colours, more light, breath taking visions of earth

Laughter and enjoyment of life

Angelic people, heavenly surroundings

Simple, yet profoundly beautiful abundance

“Tunnel Vision” CC image Courtesy of Chad McDonald on Flickr


4 thoughts on “Stages of Awakening – My Experience”

  1. I would love to catch up with you in person. I am definitely going through the awakening phase- I could have written this myself- that’s how much it resonates! Are you in Bristol at all? I’m looking towards moving into the 5d!! 😉

  2. Hey Kirsty! Sorry for the late reply. It was so lovely to meet you in person! I hope the ’10 Easy Ways to Understand The Difference Between 3D and 5D’ was helpful for you x

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