Like Attracts Like – The Law of Reflection

I just walked past the mirror and thought – ‘God I look like shit!’ – My daughter and a mosquito did some tag team sleep deprivation torture on my last night – As soon as I’d thought how bad I looked, I bashed my head on the stairs – I know this may seem like an odd example, but when something ‘not nice’ happens, I often try to remember what I was holding in my mind at the time – Trying to make the link wherever I can to my vibration and what is happening to me

I used to say ‘Well, I’m just mental/crazy/weird’ – for a while – Until the day dawned as to what I was creating for myself by holding these labels in my mind, I was causing all kinds of havoc in my life – I stopped it all dead one day, it was hindering my evolution at this time –

I also see this working in the other way – When I eat vegan food, do yoga – I suddenly also want to go for a run – I feel great – and like wise if I have a few drinks, I want to sit on the sofa eating salty snacks and white bread – I know this is very obvious, but it is also very important, it has such an impact on our lives

I liked what someone said the other day – Its not the law of attraction, it’s the law of reflection – Our reality around ourselves is a mirror – which morphs and changes to reflect the picture we are holding in our minds – Every little thought and belief is picked up – But it doesn’t just reflect the image – it is a five sense mirror – the flavor, the feeling, what it says to us, how it interacts with us on every level – is simply a reflection of what we are holding within – every tiny nuance of this

When we can really hold a belief – I mean really hold it, know it to such an extent that it is our reality already – we have such an immense impact – It took me many years to ‘nurture my belief’ that we are going through such a dramatic change at this time – that is it actually going to happen – that we will be living in a very different way in our future – But I got there in the end and this is what I now truly believe – and so this is what I am creating – A peaceful planet, that is safe and caring and balanced and equal – and blossoming back to her full health – The heavenly realms once more

“Reflections I” CC image Courtesy of Hedge on Flickr


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