Understanding Fear and Guilt as just a Stage

We are moving into a new way – that is true – This is happening because the old way is no longer working for us – which can easily raise fear – ‘Shit! If we don’t get this sorted out quick smart it’s all going to go terribly wrong!!’ – This is a reaction that I’m sure most people are going to have, sooner or later – and it certainly can feel terrifying – So we must become really clear as to where this feeling is coming from – and that would be from a place of fear

The 3D has much larger levels of fear than The 5D – If we are shitting ourselves, then we are vibrating with our 3D selves – It’s alright if we feel like this – In-fact it is very noble to feel like this, it means we have tuned into what is really happening here on earth – This is by far the most painful part of this whole process and is probably why more people are not doing it – It takes bravery and a grand level of heart to even want to go there – It clears so much out from ourselves – such a heartbreaking eye opener that it is

We may find it difficult to move on from this stage – to break free from it as it were – We may think ‘Now my heart is open I will carry this burden with me always’ and we feel guilty when we are not doing this – But guilt is also a vibration of 3D – It almost as if these two, fear and guilt, become magnified – Working together like this to keep us held into 3D – But this is how the movement of awakening occurs – To move from one dimension to another we must go through ‘a black hole’ a time of vastly increased density – with fear and guilt being some of the main culprits with the lowest vibrations – We can expect to see quite an increase in these areas – for a period of time – until we come out the other side – Making this movement will see our 3D selves being stripped away, it feels utterly awful, but until this process takes place, we will not be able to tune into and become our 5D selves – and live as the peaceful powerful creators we truly are

“the moving walkway is nearing its end” CC image Courtesy of Daniel Hoherd on Flickr



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