If I take this Leap of Faith, what will catch me?

The unseen world of the spirit realm – If you find yourself unable to believe in this world then you will find your most powerful support system missing – Although it is true to say that when we are in great difficulty and pain in life, feeling as if we are backed into a corner with no other option, is the point at which we often open up to this realm – We will look in all places for help, if we do not find it at the physical level we may just have no other option than to open this new door – and here we will find a whole host of support that will gladly see us though this transition

Many ‘non earthly’ beings wish to see this change upon earth – with their expanded view point they can see just how important it is for the planets survival – They also understand the effects that will reverberate thought the universe if we do not make this most necessary change here – If you wish to hear what these beings have to say, try doing a search for channeled information on the internet – Barbara Marciniak channels information from The Pleiadians which is not only very interesting, but also extremely useful

Others who have gone before you – and there is a lot! All wishing for the rest of humanity to join them, all more that willing to help you along on your path – With a greater understanding of how to make this movement – greater compassion due to their own experiences – and, most importantly of all, a deep desire to see the shift take place across the globe – This is many people life’s work, of course they will be there for you, with their words they have put out there, with their therapeutic techniques they have developed and with their absolute belief in your ability to do so – Seek them out and you will find exactly what you need

“Le Meurice 2010” CC image Courtesy of Jean-Phillip Rebuffet on Flickr



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