Your Life of Natural Heavenly Abundance – Here’s how to get it

Wish for heaven on earth – For everyone – Wishing it for just for ourselves simply does not work, not to anywhere near the same degree anyway – That which we genuinely wish for others we receive ourselves – This was one of the biggest and most wonderful surprises for me on this journey!

Grow heaven by focusing upon it – That which we focus upon grows, we get more of it – So even if it feels like the heaven in your life is small right now, turn your focus towards it – Be it a flower in you garden, a child in your life, a pet, a walk in nature – Further more, when we turn our focus towards this shift that is happening we will find our lives naturally move into the heavenly realms as a result

Be here to bring in the new way – This being the heavenly realm, what better way to be a way shower, than to be living the new way yourself – This is the gift for all of your hard work helping to raise the vibration here upon earth at this time – accept it as a representation for others to see and learn from

Move yourself away from too much technology – This effects our vibration and like attracts like, so when we spend too much time immersing ourselves in our technological gadgets we are tuning ourselves out of nature

Wave good-bye to ownership – As much as we may feel that we need all of the things we own, you’d be surprised at how much we actually don’t – This here is often the choice to be made – natural heavenly abundance, or man made ownership

Get away from it all – Sell up, rent it out, think outside of the box, do what ever you can to release yourself from the ‘trappings’ of life and you will find yourself living a simple life that is in harmony with nature, a peaceful rhythm that allows for the enjoyment of our heavenly planet

Retune yourself back to nature – Spend as much time as you can in nature, in all her various different forms

“Free Colorful Spring Blossoms in Pink on Blue Sky” CC image Courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography on Flickr


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