Some of The Stages of Awakening

The Abyss – 

Quite aptly named as we may well find ourselves in this nothingness at times – Nothing to hold on to, nothing of value in our heads, nothing in our lives – Whirling around with absolutely no control over where we are going – If that sounds a bit scary, then read on – Because actually it is one of the best things that can happen to us, at this time of Great Transition – When we see this as a spring clean, clearing out the old to make way for the new – we can come to a much better place of acceptance and understanding with it all – The more we clear out, let go, accept the losses, the more we are able to open up to something different, welcome in the magnificent changes and fill ourselves up with this new way of being

Biggie Smalls – 

Or in other words, the journey of balancing the ego through humiliation – ‘Hey you, listen to me and what I’m talking about, now!!’ – is basically how not to do it and life will show us this with the humiliating blow that follows shortly after – Or another common one – ‘Stupid, asleep masses, how can you not see what you are a part of!’ – Or – ‘Everything is amazing in my life now I am in The 5D, so much better than those 3D lives’ – Or, or, or… – Absolutely anything that creates any level of elevation above others will leave us feeling very small and probably quite embarrassed and ashamed – We can keep this in check by seeing all of the blessings we are receiving in everyone else too – That we are arising together at this time – in unity

Illation Frustration – 

What an amazing gift we are being presented with at this time, we truly are blessed – especially as we can see how this is possible for all of us to receive – So, come on everyone!! – This transitional process will take time, a lot of Earth time, which is a mere blip on the whole scale – Which can easily cause frustration in those wishing to see this change come forth – So we must be patient and respectful and allow people to make this transformation in their own time – with absolute faith in their ability to do so

Heaven Opens Her Doors – 

THIS is the part that will make everyone say, Wow, this transformation really is taking place! – All of the effort we put in is rewarded, eventually – and this is when we find ourselves surrounded by heavenly experiences, over and over again – We really see how it is possible to transform our reality and serve as an inspiration to others should they wish to transform theirs!

“the path” CC image Courtesy of Alice Popkorn on Flickr


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