Helpful Tips to Stand your Ground in Bringing in The New

Firstly, know that every single person who’s wish was to generate something new faced resistance, had their ideas pulled to pieces, had groups of people collectively dismissing, ridiculing this ‘new idea’ – Why is that? Because we fear change, even when we know it is necessary –

Your bravery is a kin to how vulnerable you are willing to make yourself – To stand up and say ‘This is my truth, this is what I believe in and this is what I will create’ – This makes you a target, something different, a representation that stands out – But know this, you are protected, very much so 

Even if you feel shot down, you’ll be getting back up again sooner or later – Because you are being held, carried by something greater than yourself – The energy force that wishes to bring about this change, that is already absolutely certain that this change taking place, is looking after you – Picking you up, healing the wounds, and empowering you further on your path

How did I get to the position of being able to do what I absolutely love as my work – I took my time, a lot of time – That meant really standing my ground and following what I know is right at this time – So often we are expected, coerced, told that we should be in work, getting paid – It is not so very important what we are doing, as long as it pays the bills, it is secure and respectable – I chose a different road, and as much as I have had to be taken care of at times, rely on others for support, I still know that I have done the right thing

Even those who were in most resistance to my walking this path, have still supported me in the end – and I am incredibly grateful to them for doing so – Which just goes to show the power of the transformational energy that is with us now

Our planet needs our help, as do our fellow humans – If this is what you want to be your life’s work then you will be so incredibly rewarded, maybe not on the material level, but at the heart and the soul level, more than you could have ever imagined

“Stand Your ground” CC image Courtesy of Akshay MoonCenter on Flickr


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