Transforming Earth with our Love

We all know that people can be completely transformed by another’s love – We also know that we can be completely destroyed by loving another – So what does it take from us to love humanity in this way? – For me, I have realized it is to love enough to wish for a higher standard of reality for more people, for everyone actually, why not! – I will do this by holding faith that there are enough people already wishing for this and actively working out how this could be possible – Those souls who are brave enough to stand up and say – ‘Look! This is your planet, this is what is happening and this is your opportunity for change’

I am here to support this movement – to impart what I have leant along the way, to share the feelings that arise, to let people know that they are on this path of awakening

Love is a risk it is true, but it could be one of the best gambles to take right now – I really do believe the odds are in our favor, otherwise I would not have dedicated my life to this – If we really want the results we know are possible, then we have to put all of our chips in – even if this makes us feel incredibly vulnerable at times – even if we feel we are giving everything away for nothing at times – even if this makes us feel very small and frightened at times – This is still what it will take from us

What I am believing in, therefore creating, is a complete transformation of our planet as we presently know it – Not for some high grandiose fantasy, but because I believe it has now become a matter of necessity – Knowing what I now know, I cannot believe in, therefore be a part of sustaining our past and largely present ways through channeling my energy towards it – I know the time for change has come and I also know the magnitude of the change that is coming, is already here for those who are able to see it

By far the best way to create this, to see us though, to ‘do our part’ is to generate enough love within, for the whole of earth and all the life forms upon her – that we are not only moved into action, we are propelled into our role as Lightworker here – and you’ll be amazed at what you will achieve


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