Your Voice is so Important and Precious – at whatever stage you may find yourself

You have something so valuable and unique within – your own personal perspective of what is happening right now is like gold dust – When you voice this, at whatever stage you may find yourself – you are doing your part in raising the frequency here – by shining your light in this way

Voicing something in the ‘wrong’ way will receive a negative response – Great, we learn more about how to voice something in the ‘right’ way – We learn to gain strength to overcome judgment, we learn a more loving approach to take – Whatever reaction we do receive, our words have been spoken none the less, the seed has been sown, a new way of being has been shared

As the saying goes, ‘practice what you preach’ – but what if we are not preaching, merely imparting – We are all on a journey into the unknown, it is really necessary to be completely and utterly ‘in it’ before we begin to communicate our feelings and understandings about it – This is such a difficult one to balance – we say something, then we find there are times when we don’t do it – This is considered a massive ‘no no’- a mistake – Well we learn from our mistakes don’t we – Then if we share these, so others have a better chance of avoiding them, or at the very least have a better understanding of them – is that not beneficial?

So, attempting to communicate our understanding of what we believe is happening, what ever stage we find ourselves at, has value – great value – If we feel we have to reach some level of ‘perfection’ before we do this, we may be keeping valuable lessons and information for others to ourselves

It is okay to have many sides to ourselves – The side that is in full understanding and awareness of what is arising – The side that struggles to put that into practice in everyday living – The side that likes to let go and forget about it all – The side that holds this as incredibly important at this time – We are like the facets of a diamond, each part reflecting the light in its own way – This is what makes us multi-dimensional, accepting all levels of ourselves into one – Be everything that you are, even if sometimes it sits in sharp contrast to one other – that is okay – We must allow ourselves this if we wish to move into something new at this time and allow others to do the same

“The green Sieve” CC image Courtesy of Justin Kern on Flickr


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