Our Present Time of Great Confusion – and how to move ourselves through it

Feel like your head is being blown about all over the place? – Then you are not alone – for we are in very special changing times

If this is the time of great confusion – perhaps one of the most confusing parts is knowing all about our shift in consciousness, whilst living in a world that is presently largely unaware of this – Business as usual for the most part may leave you feeling incredibly confused indeed – Everything is still ticking along nicely for many people, are any changes actually taking place?

Yes there are – big changes! – But they are presently largely happening ‘behind the scenes’ – No, we wont be seeing these changes televised or in our newspapers – but we can see exactly what is happening on the internet, through speaking directly with people, through whitnessing our own changes that are taking place at this time

Another area of confusion is our new understanding of reality, stating that what we truly believe we manifest into our lives – If we truly believe in this shift in consciousness and all that it involves, then are we doing our part in creating the suffering of others with the economic and governmental collapse it talks of? – The new way asks us to think positive, when so much of it feels negative – Remain balanced, when those who are going through their awakening seem to be some of the most unbalanced of all – Keep it simple, when so much new information is coming in – Remain at peace, while your entire world is turned upside down

The new way can look very unappealing indeed, at first – So why on earth would we want to move into it? – Because those who are sensitive enough feel the necessity of it, no matter what that means

So we must turn to our places of power to see us through – Belief, faith, researching, learning, putting into practice, communicating, sharing, supporting – These are what will hold us through these challenging times – For we are in the midst of a great transition, try to never forget that – If you have become aware of the magnitude of this before others have you will experience many blessings, but also many difficulties – Fitting in, functioning well, simply living your life has suddenly become a whole new ball game

One way to look at it all – If we have come here to whiteness this great change, it is a blessing to be here at this time, to have a front row seat as it were – We’ve had to pay for this ticket – Our payment is our work here to bring it forth, the contract we signed before we came here to do our part – whatever that may be – Even if it is simply to hold what you believe true through these incredibly confusing times, then so be it.

“Circle of Confusion” CC image Courtesy of Riccardo Romano on Flickr



2 thoughts on “Our Present Time of Great Confusion – and how to move ourselves through it”

  1. Just beautifully written. I completely resonate with all that you say – I feel the change and it’s wonderful some days, and confusing to say the least on others!! Thank you for sharing such honest words – so eloquently – they are very reassuring. x

    1. Thank you Kirsty! That is my aim, to reassure people that we are on the right path, even when it feels very wrong at times! Understanding what we are going though helps enormously I find x

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