We All have Direct Contact with The Spirit World

Yesterday I finally shared this blog out to more people – ‘Unfortunately’ I started to feel concern that the first post they would have read was a bit heavy going – so I quickly changed it for another one – As I was thinking ‘I wonder who read the first post’ – a chair moved – It was my spirit guide telling me – ‘Remember what I told you earlier’ –

‘We will be here, by your side, throughout this entire journey – and it is going to be BIG my dear – Hold on tight because it has just taken off – and it is going to soar – and you are going to feel okay with everything that comes’

It is SUCH a blessing to have this guidance and support in my life – Having contact like this is more valuable for us than gold

To do this I go into a space of ‘allowing’ – of saying I am ready for you to speak to me – Then I simply hold my pen and write, not knowing even the next word until it is written, not fully understanding the whole message until I read it through after – I do go into a bit of a trance, it is not me who is writing

I also turned to my other source of gaining information form the spirit world – which is to use a dictionary I have had since I was eleven – I haven’t done this for quite a while, I usually only do when my head is being completely ‘done in’ – So you get an idea of how I was feeling for a while yesterday

I place the dictionary down, with my left hand over it, close my eyes – and wait until I see one of the pages ‘light up’ – like a line of brightness down the edge of the page – It might move around a bit, be a bit blurry – I just try to get as near to it as possible and trust that I have opened the right page – Then, with my eyes still closed I feel my finger drawn to an area of the page – I do not over think this, I do not try to make it ‘perfect’, I do not take ‘too much’ time over it – Just get on with it and trust in it

The first reading I got was:


Be unlike, of other nature, form or quality, separate, unusual

Okay, that is really interesting

But, I was still feeling a bit nervous about how things were going – I am a bit of a perfectionist, which has its pros and cons – I could do with ‘letting go’ a bit more at times – having absolute faith that its all going exactly as it should be – So anyway, I took another reading:


Nervous disorder with recurrent attacks of unconsciousness (and convulsions)

Oh! It is so clear and concise, I love receiving advice from this level – Yes, I was feeling stressed and in fear – and so I had moved into my unconscious self – Such is the ‘action’ of fear – It actually moves us into operating from a different place – On the physical level this can be seen in brain scans – we move into functioning from the primitive brain

When I first started working with my dictionary in this way, many years ago, I got such a profound reading that I could not fail to see what a great way of receiving advice and support this is

I asked the question ‘What is the problem here on Earth?’

The answer I received was ‘Ignorance

So I asked ‘What is the solution then?’

And the answer I got was ‘Love

Yes, I am quite ‘into’ all of this stuff – Quite a few years ago I did a weekend course in ‘Opening your psychic abilities’ – I read a book ‘Psychic Development for Beginners’, by William Hewitt – I’ve probably done a few mediations on YouTube – but that is it – This is available to all of us – It is not some abstract ability only available to the ‘special select few’ – No – We all have this power, this ability – this level of contact with the spirit world – It just a case of noticing it, being open to it, saying – ‘Yes, I would like to be in communication with you’ – and then its just a question of waiting to hear what it has to say

“Behind The Sunset” CC image Courtesy of Ben Casero on Flickr



2 thoughts on “We All have Direct Contact with The Spirit World”

  1. I am loving this Prue. Today I reread it after a disappointing election where everyone I know seamed to voted green looking at the bigger picture and trying to raise vibrations just to be disappointed. I decided to read it to get my head back in the right mind set and it did. The nail was hit on the head so to speak!! I read the question what’s the problems with the world “ignorance” and the answer “love” . I heard people talk today about violence against the govement if they implement or continue with some policy’s when really all we need to do is send back Love. love to everyone and as like attracts like we will get it back 10xs. Violence is giving into ignorance . Love is raising the vibration! Love to you Prue and anyone reading this

    1. Hello my love! My view of the election, the government, etc – is that is has ceased up – it has become so complicated, so trapped in its own bureaucracy – that it is now incapable of making the changes we so very need – Also, it is still very much controlled by those ‘behind the scenes who are self serving, lacking in heart and power hungry – This may sound weird, but for some it does need to get worse – because that is what wakes people up – The process of awakening takes us through the ‘black hole’ – this is how we move from one dimension to another – I think you know better that anyone how dark things got for me – and it was exactly that, that fuelled this path I am on – Moved me towards total dedication toward change at this time – The government, the banks, the corruption, the planetary abuse for money – are all of the old way, they are getting weak and dying – Have faith that the next structure is already in place, by those working tirelessly behind the scenes – waiting for their moment to put everything into place – I love you x

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