The Gems of Knowledge that Transform our Lives

It is so easy to underestimate the power of what we are learning right now – but if everything about life is experience – what we are learning presently are the ways in which we can move and create our reality into an experience we may have only dreamt of before

Take watching thoughts in the mind, observing them for signs of fear – turning our attention away from those with even the slightest whiff of it – Imagine what that does to our lives – We are literally sweeping the rain clouds away and making room for an influx of light to pour in

The method for getting there is so simple its ridiculous – it’s the putting it into practice that takes the effort – at times huge amounts! – But the notion, couldn’t be more easy to understand – Reduced levels of fear in the mind = Reduced levels of fear in life – and all of the mind blowing benefits this bestows

Each time we crack a new one, we add yet another gem to our crown

Self acceptance – of every part of yourself, as a perfect representation of exactly what you are meant to be – including past and future selves – Oh the long awaited sigh of relief we finally breath as we pass the tests that lead us into self acceptance complete – It is not big headed to see ourselves as perfect as we are – it is simply saying that we are playing a role here, a character and whatever had to happen, well, had to happen! – and the added bonus of being like this is that it sees the same in everyone else too – Acceptance of everything there is in this game of life

What else? – Guidance – intuition, prayer, seeing signs, psychic connections – Just an outright relationship with our reality beyond the five senses – One that we listen to daily, without questioning anymore – One that we hear, even the faintest whisper – One that we know loves us and is helping us – One that is always there ‘behind’ the fabric of creation, to help us though this most miraculous transition

Right, and finally – Knowing that we are going through a massive shift in consciousness – that will enable us to be and live all of the above at levels that will leave us in no doubt of the movement we are making – Know about and implement this into your reality and it will make such a transformation you may well struggle to believe your eyes – We are at The New Dawn of Earths next incarnation – If you can take that on, then many wonderful things will be sure to come your way

“Gem” CC image Courtesy of James P on Flickr



2 thoughts on “The Gems of Knowledge that Transform our Lives”

  1. Love this – catching every little thought just before it expands and becomes something. IT reminds me of when John, my husband said “marriage is just a piece of paper” I then said lets get divorced. He rapidly changed his mind! Just become something is a thought or an idea doesn’t stop it from becoming something. A real, live existing thing. So to catch those thoughts before they BECOME SOMETHING. Brilliant post x

    1. Yes, true – Thoughts are the pre-runner to the physical – They are more powerful and the heart is even more powerful again – This is the ‘big understanding’ we are waking up to – where our power lies and how we will all help to make this transformation at this time. Lot of love x

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