Oh Sensitive Soul – you are such a blessing for us all

It’s very easy to get ourselves into quite a pickle at this time – there is just so much happening! – So, we must try not to be too hard on ourselves – even if we do find ourselves sitting on the sofa in quite a daze some of the time – It can so easily feel as if we are doing something wrong – Our current shift in consciousness takes a lot of energy to go through – If you find yourself in the midst of this you may look on at others and think, they look like they are doing much better than me, surly I’ve made some mistake along the way

If you are sensitive then you will feel the hurt and abuse on this planet, you may end up feeling like you have an awful view of everything – Being happy and upbeat is a good thing, for ourselves and for our planet – We know this as we understand how our vibration effects everything – So when we feel crap, we may also introduce this guilt into things too

The sensitive mind and heart is taking a bit of a battering at this time – Lots of confusions that may leave us feeling like we created some awful tangled web for ourselves – We are the creators of our reality and we appear to have made a right balls up of it! – Sorry, I’m trying to make myself laugh at this point – This blessing curse combo, the sensitive soul, on a planet that is troubled – Great! That sounds brilliant doesn’t it! – No, it doesn’t – and yet that is exactly where we find ourselves

I’m going to try and see it like this – If I am here to transmute the dark into light, then maybe the most powerful way to do that is to ‘take it on’ – feel it, know it, live it – and then transform it – When we look to see what is happening at this time, or rather have it presented square before us, repeatedly – we tune into it – We want to know what is going on there, for all involved – So we empathize with them – and this feels bloody awful – But until we do this, we wont be able to understand the situation completely – and ultimately heal it

This present incarnation is hard work for those who have come here to bring about this change – Even although I have written about this for sometime, I still feel quite traumatized by it at times

For myself, it is absolutely essential that I have a nice time – Luckily I have a two-year-old daughter, so it’s acceptable for me to make sandcastles and play on swings! – Having fun, laughing, letting go, getting out in nature – Allowing that side of ourselves, seeing the importance of it at this time

As my spirit guide says:

Happiness is so important – Happiness is what will heal this planet

So be kind to yourself, go easy on yourself – be good to yourself, look after yourself – As much as we want our planet to be happy at this time, our own happiness is equally important

“Her thoughts..” CC image Courtesy of Chyna on Flickr



2 thoughts on “Oh Sensitive Soul – you are such a blessing for us all”

  1. This has been very helpful. Reading this as the sensitive soul I am, it’s easy to forget the reasons for feeling really unwell sometimes and being hard on myself for feeling the way I do. Just reminding me I need to be transforming the feelings to light as I always did. Thank you

  2. I’m glad it has helped. Its so painful sometimes, so easy to be hard on ourselves, so difficult to remember to do the things we need to – clearing, protecting, yoga, getting out in nature – Necessities for the sensitive ones… Love you x

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