Waking Up to The Darkness on Earth

I occasionally check in with all things darkside – maybe someone puts a post on Facebook about mind control, the illuminate – Part of me finds this a bit of a sick trait in myself – Why is it I want to look, what is it that draws me in? – I think its because I really want to understand, everything, even and maybe especially the worst things that are happening here – I’ve started to see a pattern – those who are here to bring in a lighter way have often experienced a very dark way here – I wonder why that would be – Does it open us up to more – is it when we are in the dark that we learn? – the experience a lesson for many others to learn from? – Clearly, this is how it works – I have not experienced too much direct darkside in my life – enough, thank you very much – but I have explored it all, from a safe distance – I do really want to know what makes it tick, how it can be that way, what the hell is going on basically – So, I look

If I can ‘lighten up the dark’ enough, so people are able to see it in a more acceptable light, then maybe that is what I’ve come here to do – So, how’s about this version – There is darkness here, anyone with half an eye open can see that – war, abuse, greed, corruption, manipulation – lovely! – Why is it here? – Because, like day and night, we move in cycles through dark and light – We are presently at the turning point of a grand cycle that instead of twenty four hours, moves over 26,000 years – The Precession of The Equinoxes, where we find ourselves at The New Dawn – What are we waking up to? – The full extent of the dark forces here, who they are and what they are up to – The traits of these souls is incredibly selfish and largely devoid of heart – This is just the way they are, naturally, they are just doing what they know, what they are capable of – They reached a crescendo in their level of power and dominance here – The extent of which is truly phenomenal and that is probably why most people find it very difficult to even look at, let alone believe – But we are waking up none the less – the galactic light our planet is being bathed in is serving to do this – Sooner or later everyone will see the full picture and because of this the old way is dying – It has been based in secrecy and underhand manipulation, which is no longer working for them – They know their time is up, as does anyone else who took the time to really look into this – Those of the old way are weak, old fragile and quite possibly dying – Those of the new way are strong, young, new and emerging

I have a vision that pops in my head every time I write about these sorry souls and its not pretty – In a dungeon of their own making, in the dark, cowering, fearing retribution – To be honest they don’t even look human – little Gollum’s, yes they are the same thing as Gollum – The ring has just been taken away from them and their true self is now on show for anyone who wishes to look – What a sad and sorry state – But I do not feel sad or sorry for them – it is just their karma – The space they have created for themselves for reflection and learning – To go over their actions in this new light, now all of the false glory has been stripped away – All of the power and dominance now turned on its head – All of the taking and doing whatever the fuck they liked just a very distant memory…..

“Dark Contact” CC image Courtesy of Neal Fowler on Flickr



6 thoughts on “Waking Up to The Darkness on Earth”

  1. How much more darkness will it take and how much more horrendous suffering will people have to endure before the new dawn dawns?
    Although it could be seen as scary and frightening, it is infact an enlightening time to be living in. There is a massive shift in consciousness happening now that is creating positive changes and life changing opportunities for humanity to live in peace and harmony.
    There was a golden age without darkness 26,000 years ago.
    Is this what the new dawn will bring?
    Do you think there can be light without darkness?

    1. Do I think there can be light without darkness? – No – not entirely – but I do believe we go through different stages in which one is dominant over the other – As if we make a spiralling movement through the ying and yang – I just think we have become so accustomed to the levels of darkness here, we don’t see it in such a way, we think its normal – Which it is, it has just been the darker side of the cycle – and now I believe we are moving into the lighter side
      I think it has reached such a stage that people are definitely waking up, for sure – It should’t all happen at once anyway, that would be disastrous – So it is happening in waves, picking up a certain level of being and moving them on
      I heard/read somewhere that as the light comes in, it ‘pushes’ the darkness into pockets of intensity here – This is why it may seem as if it is getting worse – But the average person, all over the world, is moving into this new way of being – and in a way, this intensity of darkness is serving to help further wake us up – through the energy of repulsion
      It took me many years to finally really believe that we will move out of our old ways – I look at a lot of channelled information, Barbara Marciniak channels The Pleiadians – it is AMAZING!! – Great for getting really informed and building faith!
      Lots of love x

      1. Thanks for your thoughts which make so much sense. It feels ‘right’. I’ll check out Barbara Marciniak. Love xxx

  2. Well, without hate, you wouldn’t know what love is. Without war, you wouldn’t know what peace is. Every thought is born is duality. That means negative and positive. Every thought that has been thought still exists. There is no thought that hasn’t already been thought – humans are just tapping into them. Hence the need for a Neocortex. To expand the universe, both the negative and positive energies must exist. The analogy would be: hooking up the wires to a speaker in a stereo system. Both the negative (ground) and positive must be hooked up for the speaker to move in space to propagate sound. As the universe is all energy/consciousness, there has to be both the negative and positive. There will never be peace on earth and it cannot be. Energy can only expand and move forward. Humans only think there is bad and good based on organized religion, culture, family and government. Both sides must exist. That would mean that all evil must be embraced as well as the good. Hard to swallow I bet? As there are human race, there are spirit races. Humans are at the beckon of the spirit races. As above, so below as the saying goes. Your spiritual you is part of another 11 incarnates that make up one soul; that is why you dream as you all share one mind – that is a another level of explanation. All one needs for information is contained within one’s self – Gnosis/self-knowledge.

    1. Yes, very true, I agree with you – but I also believe that we move through different cycles, in which one becomes dominant over the other, as if making a swirling movement through the yin and yang – So we can still appreciate through comparison – When a war has ended we feel at peace, this is what I believe will happen at this time we are in – The ‘invisible war’ against humanity – I do not reject the evil that is here, I clearly see their purpose according to the law of duality and that they are simply manifestations of ‘darkness’, playing their role – but I do believe we can ‘move on from it’ and then appreciate the phase that will come after, which I believe will be greater levels of peace here. I do understand how naive/unrealistic it can sound, but I also think it is worth a try, we don’t have anything to loose in being this way and maybe theres a lot to gain – I do regularly question this way of being too, can it actually work? – But I believe we are in quite special transformational times, and as we move up through the dimensions we do move into greater levels of peace – So this is how I have chosen to believe it will be – Thank you for your comment

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