Being a Channel of Creation

I learnt a long time ago to give it all away, all of the best things that I have to offer – I have applied this understanding to this blog here – Right from the word go, I have picked out the best parts for you – Even although I have very few people reading this blog at this stage – you are so important and valuable and I am so grateful to have you with me – I want to share what I have with you, all of the writing that I feel is the best – Because I have been working at this for many years, there’s a lot to choose from! – But if I thought ‘Ooh, I’ll save that, keep it until I have more readers’ what I am inadvertently doing is blocking more from coming to be, through me – Because most of what you read here is channeled through me – All creation is channeled though us – By sharing this, passing it on, posting on my blog – I am making room for more to come – That is what makes a great channel of creation – one that is open and flows – not one that has little ‘pockets’ of the best bits, sitting there, stagnating – No, it’s the one that passes this on, while it is still fresh and alive – Keeping the channel clear and moving – allowing more to come, an increased charge of power

How do I know so clearly that I am a channel of creation? – Because I cannot choose when I write – it either happens, or it doesn’t – If I try to do some work on my writing when the flow is not coming through me – I make a right mess of things – So I don’t, if its not happening, it is not happening – Simple as that – If this were coming from me then I could choose – and I can’t

We have thought that ownership of our creations is what brings us joy – ‘Look! Look at what I am capable of! Aren’t I just bloody great!’ – Yes, this does feel great and it also feels utterly awful – Because what goes up, must come down – We have fallen prey to pride and shame – and all of the pain those two conjure up for ourselves – Yes, I have been there, many, many depressing times – I laugh now, but it was SO painful at the time – Having this sense of self removed is a horrible affair to say the least – When we see ourselves as a channel we are able to grow and become vastly more creative – whilst remaining equal, in balance – the same

The blessings of this are two fold – We are able to put these new powers forth to bring about this most miraculous change we are presently going though – and we are also saying how this is possible for anyone else to do as well – So, saying two fold – I should have said multitude fold! – As more and more of us see ourselves in this way – more and more of us will become channels of this increased power source that is now available to us – and that is sure to bring this new way in for everyone on Earth to benefit from!

“Explosion of positive energy” CC image Courtesy of Lucas on Flickr


4 thoughts on “Being a Channel of Creation”

  1. What you have written is so true. A wonderfully powerful message. As I read it, I felt feelings of liberation, excitment and a sense of rebirth, letting go of old worn out thoughts on many levels.
    Wonderfully inspirational and uplifting, giving permission to let go of “mind stuff” that no longer serves us. We hold on to this “mind stuff” without even realising it, stopping us from evolving and experiencing joy and peace.
    I like the pictures you choose for each blog. There’s a vast amount of positive energy coming from them.
    I will pass on your blog website to some of my friends as I’m sure they’ll enjoy reading them

    1. Thank you Caroline!
      My spirit guide told me the following: – ‘Yes, that is correct STOP thinking about yourself – This will cause you no end of upset – It will also reduce your impact – You are a channel, a messenger – Allow the ego to go enough for you to live like this YOU SEE?’ – I feel so much more at peace and free in this way – and you know that you are my human guide! I’ll never forget that day you read my book and we met in the sea for you to give me feedback on it – I’ve never been more sure that it was a meeting that was pre-arranged, before we incarnated – That scene, just our heads above the calm warm water, at sunset, we were in Heaven! – I was so nervous to hear what you had to say, and the first words you spoke were “I think its brilliant!’ – I almost burst!! – I am SO grateful to you for your support Caroline x x x

      1. I had no idea that you were so nervous when you were waiting to hear what I thought about your book! I think I was feeling in awe of your writings and wondering how it was that I was given this wonderful opportunity to read such amazingly exciting thoughts, insights and knowledge.
        Now I think of it, it’s quite amazing that Eugene and I followed you to Ko Chang!?! Universe works in an incredible way that never ceases to amaze me. I love it.
        Believe me Prue when I say that I feel very privileged to be asked by you to read your work. There is certainly a strong connection between us on a spiritual level , no doubt. I feel it as I write to you. We all have pre-destined meetings with other souls on our journey in this physical body each lifetime. Ours was certainly meant to be.
        I can’t wait to read your next insight. Xx

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