The Power of Consideration

One of the things I have very much not liked about myself is how much I care about what other people think – This is understood as a weakness, as if we are easily swayed, or upset, or even completely floored at times – But, only today did I really understand what a strength this is – To be considerate is to allow ourselves to grow and evolve without any of the blocks a lack of consideration brings – We can only reach a certain level when we are inconsiderate before we get a ‘knock at the door’ – To be considerate towards how other people feel about our own actions means we are able to move that much more freely because we are looking before we step on anybody’s toes

To be considerate of our planet and all the life forms upon her at this time allows us the greatest level of freedom possible – at this time of great change – It is the very act of consideration that allows us to expand out into the new way that is coming by allowing what other people are feeling to guide us towards what we think might be best for them at this time

I have to be honest, this is a trait I have not actually wanted – up until now – Seeing it in this new light today has allowed me to see the benefits of being this way – It gives me a greater level of vision – tuning into how other people are seeing things – It gives me a greater level of understanding – to feel how this is for people

If I want to expand into all I know is possible right now – and more importantly, inspire others towards the same – then I’d better be incredibly considerate as to how I think people will react – What they will think of me and what I have written – The sensitive soul who has come here to effect change must be able to tune into how the other is feeling – and if we are having a negative reaction, then its our responsibility to take this into account – No, I clearly cannot make everyone have a positive response to what I write – but I can at least be as considerate as possible – and this can sometimes be quite a painful affair – But if this is the hard work that I have to put in at this time – then so be it

“Thinker thinks about how to take a sun burst shot” CC image Courtesy of David Yu on Flickr


5 thoughts on “The Power of Consideration”

  1. I agree that we should be as understanding and considerate as we can be towards all humans, all living creatures and the Planet.
    This is easier said than done because we cannot always determine how people will react to what we say, even if we think we’re saying things with forethought and love. Sometimes we have ” to tread on others toes” before they begin to awaken and open their eye to what is and what the message is you’re putting across.
    I believe that being considerate is important but we need to be honest, open and compassionate at the same time.
    This is a useful and strong message you are putting across Prue. Thank you. I shall use this for my thought for the day!

    1. Yes, true – just having a different view of things will make other people toes hurt!! – I have just become very considerate towards all of the possible reactions I might get and I try to write in a way that would allay any negativity, before it happens – for myself and the reader! – But yes, I see many people sharing many beautiful messages at this time – and some of the reactions they receive, wow – I guess bringing in a new way is going to offend the old way, in whatever way it is put!

      1. Reading what you say again, I think you’re very wise to be very considerate towards all the possible reactions you might get. You owe it to your readers.
        Bringing in a new way will take people out of their comfort zones therefore possibly causing some form of discomfort. Kindness sand consideration will help your readers on their spiritual quest.
        I have learnt something quite profound from reading your blog again which I need to put into practice myself.
        Thank you xx

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