What is a good way of explaining The Shift in Consciousness?

This is a beautiful thing when we crack it, being able to succinctly explain what is happening to those who are interested – Spreading the word, inspiring, enabling others to shift themselves – This is how we will transform our planet at this time of great transition

Here are six main points to get us started –

It takes place within – that when we change our hearts and our minds we are able to change our physical reality – There are so many spiritual and scientific studies suggesting this now – If you are new to this have a search online and you’ll be amazed – We can read up on this to help our explanations

Reality moves in cycles – Our 24 hour experience of day and night also happens on a much grander scale over 26,000 years – This is The Precession of The Equinoxes – where we presently find ourselves at the turning point from dark to light, The New Dawn

Light carries information – We cannot ‘see’ this light, but we are certainly all being effected by it – So much is ‘coming to light’ – Firstly the limitations of The 3D and just how much fear control has been in place – Then the expansiveness that The 5D holds for us once we have freed ourselves from these invisible structures – We are able to ‘see the full picture’

Our power lies in love – We are also collectivly awakening to the nature of reality and how in order for anything to be manifest and therefore experienced we need both light and dark – This enables us to transform our planet by living in greater levels of love for All, even the dark ones!

Our level of consciousness dictates our dimension of reality – The more dense, lower dimensions hold greater levels of fear – This restricts, creates difficulties and suffering – As we expand outwards from this by introducing greater levels of love we experience an increase in power, freedom and peace – the higher dimensions.

Our crisis point is our turning point – It is true to say that many of humanity could do with a bit of a kick up the bum to get this change in place – our crisis point is just that – It serves a tremendous purpose, it gives us no choice but to evolve – There are very few who can still deny that a change needs to take place – our shift in consciousness is exactly that

“Movement 2010.3” CC image Courtesy of Gwen Vanhee on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/hildeengwenverbouwen/


6 thoughts on “What is a good way of explaining The Shift in Consciousness?”

  1. Love this one.. Helps me think outside the box.. Enables Clearer thinking and to give knowledge to help change our lives for the better..☺️

  2. Iv just read all of the above.it made my heart happy yet feel sadness also.its all so simple yet horribly complicated ..this is how i think and your understanding is the same as mine.i love how you worded it..peace and love to you 💖

    1. Hi Laura, yes it is not an easy road that we are on. I felt sad for so many years and it took all of that time to really understand what is happening right now. But I have to say that I do now feel predominantly happy and I have complete faith in humanities ability to make this change we so very need. Its not easy, but it is most definitely worth it! Thank you for your comment! Peace and love to you too x

  3. Dear Prudence…I’ve been reading your blog april and may from beginning to end and it’s clear to me that you are a light warrior!Wish I could sit down with you watching a beautiful sunset in Goa around a glass of good wine and talk for hours!Not that I agree with everything you say but I feel very familiar with the need to share any kind of exeprience that can help us to live a better life.As you say a new dawn is coming and we can all sense it….I believe that dark powers (monsato just to mention one of the darkest)taking hold of this world destroying it will create a new cycle…An army of ferociously intelligent people who will just create a new system based on independance,creation and love.Writing is a weapon,internet is a weapon but at the end of the day only actions will have a direct impact on reality.Changes start at home,in our daily interactions with others and basically it starts within ourselves.And there are as many possiblities as humans…We are links and sharing our experiences will contribute to building a solid chain in order to put up resistance to the tyranny of emptiness. After reading your blog it just makes it clear to me that you are a link of this chain…Like many of our friends I think!And by the way…Don’t pay too much attention to what others think though…It’s a good thing to care and listen and question oneself but exposing your beliefs implies that you will be criticied and you have to accept it.It hurts but be aware of who it comes from and be selective.Criticism can be inspiring but if you grant too much importance to it,it can become an Achilles heel easily detectable by those who might like to destabilize you…Just because you DO something.Yep!Sooo…Keep going Prue darling…Keep standing for your noble beliefs like a warrior…of light !!! 😉 Delphine

    1. Dear Delphine – Thank you! I am sure we will sit together at sunset one day and chat for hours – the glass of good wine in India, I’m not so sure – Ha!! –
      I really appreciate your advice – it is something I am getting much better at each day – Someone wrote to a friend who shared this blog post ‘You do read some crap! I’ll never get that 5 mins of my life back’ – and it had little to no effect on me and I didn’t feel the need to reply – I understand it is all a part of this journey – It won’t stop me
      I’ve written about being a chain in a link before – I’ll find it and post it! – Its a great way to see ourselves at this time
      I too see a whole new system arising – I’ve been working on this for years, I can only imagine what else is happening out there!
      I would be really interested to know what you didn’t agree with
      Lots of love to you Delphine x

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