The Importance of Shining Light onto the Dark Areas of the Planet – by simply looking at them

The light of consciousness flows through us, when we refuse to look we allow all manner of awful things to stay in the dark and carry on as the perpetrators of abuse and manipulation – We do not have to be ‘physically there, looking’ – Seeing is simply to know what is happening at this time – What’s more, when we look with an open heart, we are having a loving effect on all of that which we are observing – We can see without falling into shock horror and despair, even if these may be our initial understandable reactions

The darkest ones here are so lacking in heart, they are some of the most sad and sorry figures on the planet – Why do you think it is they are so hell bent on power, because they have none – Not in the true sense of power, in love and understanding, a wish to benefit – No, they have none of that  – So the way they make an effect here is through underhand manipulation

Why are we still pumping enormous amounts of resources into war? – Something that is so damaging in so many ways, something that very few here actually want – Something that to me looks like those few playing a real life worldwide game of risk – I have heard that war is a form of entertainment for them, the dominance and power, even mass sacrificial bloodshed – I know that sounds utterly awful and you may be shocked that I would even write that – Because waking up to that mindset is shocking, is unbelievable at first and if you wish to reject everything I say, then that is your choice – But it is the only thing that makes sense to me – If you had the power to put a stop to this, then would you not? So why aren’t they? – Because they do not want it to stop – and that is their way of being

Why is there a huge awakening taking place that has absolutely no mention what-so-ever on our mainstream television anywhere, from anyone? – Why? – Because I believe that these few do not wish this to happen, because if it does their empire will crumble to the ground – This I believe is happening anyway, but they’re not going to help us along our way in this process, clearly! – They are going to do the opposite – The massive amount of distraction, as perpetrated by those in control of the media, can only suggest one thing to me, that they don’t give a flying fuck about the planet and the life forms upon her – at this crisis/turning point we presently find ourselves at – and that to me suggests that they are darkside

I’m sure many people may well ask themselves, why does Prudence believe that there are a controlling few that are so darkside? – If what you believe you create, then surly that is not a good thing? – And that is a very sensible question to ask and to be honest, I ask myself it quite a lot – And the answer that comes back to me is this – Most of us know that a change is in order, but many of us struggle to understand exactly what that change might be – A change so monumental it would literally revolutionise the way humanity functions – Understanding that there have been dark forces in control, allows us the opportunity to move on from this into something new – To recognise the problem, allows us to create the solution

Most of us know by now how few there are pulling the strings here, in a combination of banking, governing and media we are all influenced, some would say controlled, far more than we necessarily realise – and far more than most of us would be happy with – We need change, but for many of us the change is too vast and wide to even contemplate how it could happen – So, what I have chosen to believe is that this old way, the one that is controlling and abusing our planet – is dying – loosing power, loosing its grip, loosing its influence that it has spent so much time on, conjuring us under its hypnotic spell – One by one it is breaking, we are no longer held by it, we can see – It has reached such an extent now, that I’m amazed not everyone can see – But this is probably for the best, if we were all to wake up at the same time it would be disastrous – A steady, strong flow of people moving towards a new way will bring it about in a more stable way

I wonder what is really going on for them, the dark ones, such incredible amount of denial as to what they really are, what they are actually doing – Imagine how they are now feeling as they are being made aware of just exactly what it is they are – As we are waking up to their true nature, so are they – They have viewed humanity as, well slaves, for their use, to do as they will with them – They have viewed themselves as dominant, superior and righteous – Now that is one hell of a drop from a dizzy height they are all now making – To think you are one thing and then to become aware that you are in-fact all the way down at the other end of the scale – I would not like to be in their position, absolutely no way, not at all – All of the negative karma they have accumulated and now the time has come to pay it off

I’m not blaming our present situation on the controlling few, not at all – I just see that they are the most concentrated powerful influential representation of the energy of The 3D – but we are all a part of this, all in this together – I just believe that if this part were removed, at least from its position of power then it would have a hugely beneficial impact upon our planet

‘gap in the darkness’ CC image courtesy  of Alice Popkorn on Flicker



One thought on “The Importance of Shining Light onto the Dark Areas of the Planet – by simply looking at them”

  1. Great words Prudence, heres to the collapse of the old ways! The awaking seams to be getting quicker with more people getting effecting everyday with the help of your blog for some. Keep up spreading the word. It’s very important right now

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