Our Power is in Believing in The New Way – However difficult that may be at times

I once said to a friend of mine, ‘Don’t focus on the potential, it will only do your head in! – The potential is not here yet, so you will feel frustrated and disappointed with what you have now’ – and yet that is exactly what many of us who wish to bring forth this change have had to experience – It goes against the spiritual teaching acceptance of what is, here and now – Okay, I am actually doing that, I accept the way it has been, the way it is now, but I also want it to change – Is it possible to live like that?

Well, from my experience it is very difficult at times – So maybe that is what will take the most effort from us – to keep on seeing the potential – believing in it – creating it – inspiring other towards the same – Our focus, our belief, our imaginations, our hearts – This is where our power lies and this is why it can be so incredibly difficult to maintain at times – It is hard work, because it is creating a monumental shift here – This is where it is happening, inside of us

So, dear friend, I was wrong – Yes, the time has come to focus on the potential – make it strong and powerful – to the point, direct – real, tangible – available to all – fill this vision with potency – and this change will take hold in ways that will blow our minds!

‘i want to believe’ CC image courtesy of jasleen_kaur on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/jasleen_kaur/


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