Want a 3D to 5D Upgrade? – Here’s 5 Steps to get you well on your way

1. Understand everything in your life as programming

It exists in our consciousness, as our beliefs and understandings of reality and is then projected out onto the fabric of reality for our experience – Working to unravel our 3D beliefs enables us to introduce our 5D beliefs – Then it is simply case of shifting our focus – We move our attention away from our 3D programming, we cleanse it from ourselves with power manifesting, we make the decision not to listen to The 3D voice in our heads any longer – We begin to introduce our 5D self into our conscious awareness by listening to the voice that is gradually getting louder – It tells us how empowered we are, how loving we can be and generates the faith needed so that we may live our lives in peace and freedom

2. Believe in The 5D

Something cannot exist unless we believe in it – If we do not believe, all of the ways we are guided into the new will be ignored, or worse still, not even appear for us – It is when we know that it is happening that it will begin happening in our lives – Think its crazy that we are going through a massive shift in consciousness at this time, in your lifetime? Maybe it could be that we have simply chosen this experience in this present incarnation – To come to Earth at this great turning point to be a whiteness, to experience this magnificent time – So why not believe this to be the moment at which we shift ourselves into The 5D

3. See it, grow it, tune into it

It’s all out there, 5D Earth just waiting for you to tune yourself into it – We can do this by ‘growing it’ – We grow it by focusing upon it and turning our attention away from The 3D – So what do we look out for? – Anything that looks or feels heavenly, abundantly natural, innocent, awe inspiring – The Garden of Eden was here on Earth, or more appropriately, is still here – but if we’re off thinking about our 3D worries, doing’s, distractions, we wont be able to see it, sometimes not at all – We can go from glimpsing this world, to really seeing it – Stare at it, for as long as you like – a flower, a child, the sky, a loved ones eyes – The more you do this, the more will come – Also, taking the time to look into this awakening movement and just how many people are involved, you may be surprised, its A LOT! – The more you look, the more you’ll want to get involved, the more it grows – Until you find that one day you look around your self and all you see is this 5D Earth you’ve been working so hard to achieve

4. Be grateful and be humble

Two biggies here – These are what keep us grounded in The 5D, for we’re still swinging about a bit and we can most definitely get drawn back to The 3D if were not careful – Such a magnificent life is presented before us in 5D, so easily the feelings of smugness and ego can creep in, and so easily we can be bought back down with a bump!

5. Help bring this new way in for everyone

What we wish for others we receive ourselves – I did not realize just how true and powerful this understanding is until I experienced it for myself – I was wishing for heaven on Earth, for everyone – Yes, I do believe that is possible – and what I found was myself immersed in the most ‘unreal’ heavenly scenes over and over again – just outrageously, mind blowingly, stunning!

‘Cosmic Consciousness’ CC image courtesy of Hartwig HKD on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/h-k-d/


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