What are your Beliefs about Bush?

I just watched a video of President Bush, a clip of him just after Hurricane Katrina hit – He was ‘dancing’ with a black man, or rather he had his hand taken by a black man who was dancing – The look on his face was of absolute distain, mouth pursed, lips turned downwards – He was struggling to get his hand free and eventually managed to pull it abruptly away – My immediate comment was “Did you see how President Bush just treated that black man!” – My friend said, “No, you’re seeing things, he’s stupid, but he’s not that stupid” – But I know what I saw

It did get me thinking though, am I seeing what I am choosing to belief, that Bush hates black people, especially if they are touching him! – Then I thought, so what about President Obama then? Black people can’t be hated that much by the controlling few – My conspiracy theory mind then told me that it’s just because he largely does what he’s told, so it looks like they’re not a load of racists

And then I decided to think in a different way, that maybe President Obama is actually quite different, a marked change from the President before him – If we want these changes to happen, we absolutely have to start believing in them! – And then a beautiful thing happened, the next video clip I saw was President Bush doing the ice-bucket-challange – He looked completely different, the sweeter side of him

So, what did I learn? – That I need to choose my beliefs at this time – If I have been thinking something, no matter for how long, or how strongly the belief was held – I can still change it, at any time

Maybe there were a bunch of power hungry oil and war crazed mentalists in charge – But maybe that time has come to an end already, maybe they’ve changed now – Yes, it will take time for the physical manifestation to catch up, but what exactly to de have to loose by changing our belief to this? – On the other hand, we have an absolute fuck load to loose if we keep them trapped at the ‘darkside/wrong’ end of things with our inability to change our beliefs in this way

‘I love Bush?’ CC image courtesy of colesymark on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/colesym8rk/


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