Making The Shift in Consciousness – Step by Step at your own Pace

You don’t have to do it all, not all at once anyway – Try not to feel too badly if you are still unable to move certain parts of your life into being more conscious – This is a process that takes time, we are changing habits that have been here for a very very long time – If you are managing to transform one area of your life, then that is good enough, for now anyway

Baby steps are okay, as long as we keep taking them – In-fact this is probably the best way to make this movement – Large steps can be risky, you may loose your balance and fall – This is new terrain after all, you are seeing it through new eyes – We are moving into the unknown, doing this at your own pace is essential

This may feel like you are moving very slowly indeed especially when compared to others around you who may be forming their 3D lives at a much faster pace – That is because the 3D is faster, it is quick, hurried and quite stressful – Yes, it may ‘get things done’ and leave you feeling as if you are going nowhere fast, or slowly as the case may be! – So it is very important to really take on the magnitude of what is happening at the present time – We are changing, to our very roots, our essence, everything! – All that has been here for a very long time is now transforming – If you think this is going to happen quickly, as many (including myself) have wished for, then you will feel frustration and find it difficult to maintain belief, due to the many ‘failings’ you will experience

Try seeing it like this – If you are moving something small, it can be done with greater ease, less time, it can all be done it one go – If you are moving something big it takes more effort, more time, it needs to be moved bit by bit – Maybe what you are moving is so large that many others are not even able to see it – It has moved so far into the background for them, it barely exists in their conscious awareness – To many it will seem as if you are doing very little, when in-fact you are helping the biggest shift known to man

Understanding the shift like this allows you to grow naturally into in, rather than feel the pain of trying to ‘push it along’ – Sit and be with your new learning, take the time to put it into practice – Accept that it may look like very little is happening  on the outside, on the physical level – Know that huge changes are taking place at the level of your consciousness – As this is the pre-runner to physical creation, we are actually moving more, much more

‘Doe Zantamata No one ever got to the top of a mountain in one giant jump. Challenges can be overcome, and goals can be reached, but it can only happen one step at a time’ CC image courtesy of BK on Flickr


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