Getting huge Resistance in your Awakening? – You are not Alone in this Experience

We are attached to everything in our reality, that is in-fact exactly how it comes into being all around ourselves – Our attachment draws certain things towards us and these hold us in place – When we move into something new we will inevitably feel resistance – As we move we encourage others to move through our attachment to them – If they do not want to move they will try to hold you where you are – Your movement may make others feel insecure, they may fear for themselves and for you, so they will try and hold you in a place in which they feel more comfortable

We are still at the stage where many of Humanity are existing within the 3rd Dimension – Those venturing out in The 5th Dimension are shaking up the old way, whether this is intentional or not – Many people do not like this change – It takes effort, it asks for self reflection, it ask us to really look at the lives we are living and what, if any, parts of it are still unconscious

I used to feel as if I was ‘pulling along this change’ – Some of the ‘elastic bands of attachment’ broke, some resisted and stretched, while others come along with me – It was all movement in the right direction none the less – Even the bands that broke could be mended, or joined on somewhere else and maybe those in the greatest resistance will spring forth to become some of the most proactive in implementing this change

‘Resistance, Street Art, Florence’ CC image courtesy of Corena Hasselle on Flickr


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