Finding Life Exhausting? – Bringing in this New Way?

We are taking an increased charge of energy through ourselves, its no wonder we feel exhausted by this – It is so important to take rest and recharge – The biggest preventer to our peace is feeling like we should be doing something, especially when those around you think you are doing nothing – Doing the work to bring in the new way often gets misunderstood as doing nothing – if you’re not doing something each day that you get paid for, what else is there?

Also because of the level it is at, it often get misunderstood as time wasting nonsense – In an attempt to allay peoples judgment, we may try to prove ourselves – This only adds to the energy out put and that is why it is so important to come to terms with this, to simply accept that this work is misunderstood and try not to pay the judgment too much attention

If we have come to Earth from a higher vibrational dimension we will find it takes a lot more effort and energy here – We will have been used to a more peaceful powerful way of creating – Our movements are effected by the density – So it is vital to allow ourselves the gift of rest and peace, our health depends on this

I personally find this transition quite exhausting – Having your consciousness expanded to encompass the whole of Earth and all upon her at these times, can feel quite devastating and overwhelming, such is the situation we are in – This takes a LOT of energy, especially as we are moved into wishing to help – So much to be healed, such a great transition needs to take place – One of the most important things we can do, is make sure we are doing okay throughout this whole process – So that we are in our best form for helping at this most precious time

“Angel of Hill Family” CC image courtesy of Mike Schaffner on Flickr


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