Dealing with Judgment when living as a Lightworker

Light draws out dark projections – Simply making a statement of light, brings out a “Who the fuck do you think you are!!” from some – We could reply with ‘Who the fuck do you think you are not?’ – Because this projection comes from the disempowered being, who is still under the illusion of ‘building themselves up through putting another down’ It does’t work, so its good that this behaviour is pulled out into the open, where it is on view for others to help bring a different perspective to the person – I have seen this happen many times, in the comment threads of light bringers work on the internet – There are many others who are supportive and only to happy to point out these dark projections for what they are, in very loving and inspiring ways from what I have seen

Many of us just love to point out the faults in others, we all do this to a certain extent – The ones bringing in this new way are pointing out the faults contained within the old way – So I guess what goes around comes around! – If we can accept this as simply a part of this process, that we do learn and grow from it, but to practice discernment in this area – this could well be our greatest ally – The ability to ‘pick and choose’ what we allow ourselves to be moved by at this time

Making a statement about what we are entering into, will see some making a statement about the parts of yourself they deem as ‘lacking’ and why this makes you ill equip to do this – We are all on a journey, there will always be parts of ourselves that could be ‘further along the path’ and this is the way it goes on forever – So unless we want to wait until the end of forever before we begin to voice our thoughts and feelings about our present situation on Earth – we may just have to accept that in doing this, we will be judged

I was one of those people who would be absolutely devastated at what another thought of me – I wanted people to like me and it hurt when they didn’t – Even if it was someone I didn’t particularly know very well – I have largely overcome this, although at the point of writing this, I still haven’t gone very public with my writing – So as I often do, I will take my own advice and listen to what I have written myself, I do this all the time – Even if I feel empowered most of the time now, I still have my moments, like anyone else – And it is in these moments that I can remember what I have said about the challenges we are facing at this time, my perspective on it all – and do you know what, it makes me feel a lot better – So, if I’m managing to help at least myself through all of this and I know I am helping others already – Then it is worth it! – All of the judgment in the world will not stop me from doing that – Never!


‘I wanna be’ CC image courtesy of CHILDREN OF DARKLIGHT ON FLICKR


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