Becoming An Earth Angel

The truth is, that we do not ‘become’ Earth Angels, we simply remember that we are – When we incarnate we have so much of our conscious awareness regress into the subconscious, where we no longer have any understanding of what it is – Many Earth Angels came here and have ‘forgotten to remember’ – This is not surprising, we often only draw out from our subconscious that which we believe to be a possible reality – Here on Earth, this is not considered ‘a reality’ by most – In-fact most people would probably piss themselves laughing at the very notion – So we keep it repressed with self doubt, the wish to remain more normal and acceptable, with a level of disbelief – So, I ask you this – What is there to loose? What is there to gain?

The losses

  • Being judged

The gains

  • Moving into a position in which you know you have the absolute ability to bring forth the healing that is most necessary upon this planet
  • To become empowered way beyond the boundaries you, or others may have set our for yourself
  • To move in a light free and beautiful way
  • To allow mother Earth to open up the heavenly realms for you to not only exist within yourself, but to work to open it up for all to exist within
  • To blossom into a wider aspect of all you truly are
  • To be an inspiration to others to follow this way in becoming their Earth Angel selves

I have been told three times that I am an Earth Angel – The first was by my Reiki healer, who also happens to be a good friend of the family – The second a Melchizedek healer in India – As I left the healing, she called after me and said ‘You know you are Angel Prudence’ I smiled and said ‘Yes’ as if it were perfectly natural and normal – I still hadn’t embodied this fully, I probably still haven’t now, but I am defiantly making my way in the right direction! – The third and final confirmation came from my spirit guide, Elaya from Andromeda – It was in our first conversation, the most special, clear and empowering words she has ever spoken to me

Do you think this could apply to you? Are these words resonating with you? – Even if you have a ‘jarring’ feeling at the very thought of considering yourself in this way, that doesn’t mean it is not the truth – Often when we have that type of energetic reaction to something, it’s because it is the truth – Only there’s a layer of ‘programming’ over it, covering it up with self doubt, a voice that says – ‘Don’t be so ridiculous, what would other people think! Get over yourself, how embarrassing’ – Or what ever way that feeling speaks to you, is just a layer to work through and we do this by making the movement towards our Angelic self – And we do that by simply allowing it to be, working to overcome, discard and largely ignore anything that suggests otherwise – Which is usually all contained within our own thinking, so we are the ones who overcome this – Which can all happen without a whisper to anyone else – unless we feel guided to do so, to share this revolution we are having about ourselves

All I can say is this – We are going through a HUGE transformation upon our planet right now – We tune into this with what we allow our reality to be, with what we allow ourselves to be – If you would like to draw in the heavenly realms not only for yourself, but across your planet – Then I would highly recommend you do the following – Embrace the Earth Angel that you truly are

‘peace angel’ CC image courtesy of Alice Popkorn on Flickr


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