How to Get in Contact with your Spirit Guide

Go with it, even if you think its your imagination – 

THIS is probably the main block we have to opening up our psychic senses – We say, no it was just my imagination, it needs to be experienced as ‘more than that’ and so we dismiss it – But that is exactly how it is felt, a very subtle thought, or vision, maybe we realise that we’ve just been having a ‘conversation in our minds’ – It is when we open up to saying, ‘Oh, maybe that isn’t my imagination’ that we find more and more comes to us – the connection becomes stronger the moment our faith in this becomes stronger

Try not to expect it to ‘be anything’

If we already have expectations as to how this should feel, be experienced, then we may be missing the ways that we are communicated with

It feels very subtle and very ‘normal’

There is no big fanfare of almighty psychic paranormal display, not in most cases anyway – For myself, I simply get a feeling that I should get in communication with my spirit guide, in much the same way that I would feel if I had to get in contact with my Mum!

Write down whatever comes to you

Put thoughts and doubts into the background, get the pen and paper, and just see what comes out

Get over what other people think

We are all psychic, its just that some of us have shut this down – Allow yourself to be the psychic that you are, no matter how much doubt and disbelief another is living in

Be guided

The more we listen to and follow, the more will come to us – The same as humans, spirits are not in the habit of banging their heads against a brick wall – If we’re not listening, they will stop talking – Likewise on the other hand – when we listen up, they speak up! – Communication becomes very strong and clear and regular

Give thanks

It really is a blessing to be in contact with our spirit guide – Their communication is like gold dust, that gives us the confidence and direction to blossom into our full spiritual selves at this time – Gratitude is a wonderful way of nurturing and maintaing this blessed relationship!

‘Spirit + Nature’ CC image courtesy of Hartwig HKD on Flickr


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