Far and Wide into both The Dark and The Light

Does it need to be taken quite that far? – My friend said that I take things too far, and I thought – ‘Oh, that’s not what you’re meant to do is it?’ – But what if that is exactly what we are meant to be doing – Taking this game of life out to the absolute limits, stretch it, expand it, make it wide and vast and all encompassing – If that includes unraveling the blocks that prevent us from doing that, then so be it

That’s all part of the game of restriction and expansion that we play as we move up and down the dimensions of reality – We are presently making the movement from an experience of restriction, out into an experience of expansion – But this can only happen when we see, I mean really see, all of the modes of control and manipulation here – and that is where the controlling few come in – They are a stage of this journey – Try not to make them so big and scary that you don’t reach the stage that comes after them, the one that is free and blessed – Because their power comes through underhand control and manipulation, this takes place at the mind level – When we really understand it, we recognise it and where it is coming from, we are able to release it, to cleanse ourselves of it – and as we do so we raise our vibration – Like attracts like and you will no longer be like your 3D self, so you will no longer attract 3D modes of control – Pass this stage and your life will be that if a 5D being

Sure it’s a massive gigantic eye opener, that will see you spending a lot of time in disbelief – and yet the same thing keeps on popping up all over the place, in different forms, coming from different places – Finding the confidence to say ‘Okay, this is our situation’ takes time, strength and determination – But when we are able to do this we find we do have the power to then effect change – By really seeing the web of restriction behind the fabric of creation, we can untangle it from ourselves – What it the web comprised of? – Anything that makes a statement of fear, limiting boundaries, powerlessness – This is where and how we have been controlled – and this is where we work to free ourselves

‘Loch Tay’ CC image courtesy of spodzone on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/spodzone/


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